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Upcoming: Free EQ and FX Presets for GH2 Internal Mic and Rode VMP (Possibly GH3)
  • Some of my recent conversations with GH2 users made me realize that a lot of people could benefit from some decent EQ presets specifically tailored to the GH2 and some of the mics used with it.

    I won't make some big marketing push for why mine would be better than anybody else's - in the last decade and a half of working with software FX I've learned there are a lots of ways to make things sound great. I also won't make any money off of this so there would be no point. :) But I do want to make it as easy as possible for people that aren't used to dealing with EQ to get a good sound.

    Now here's the part where you come in. The tricky part of making presets is that they have to be widely usable. I'll be making these on a Windows machine (I spend more time in Windows than OS X) so whatever plug-in I make them for will need to work in that environment. I am thinking I would like to use the free ReaPlugs suite from Cockos, but my question is whether people would prefer that I use those or the ones native to Reaper itself?

    If I use the ones internal to Reaper, then I seem to remember they may also work on OS X. But if I use the ReaPlugs suite, they will work in any host but Windows only.

    Here are the links to each:

    So, which version would you guys prefer? Feel free to suggest other free plug-ins or other microphones you would like covered. I'm open to doing the same thing for the GH3 if there's sufficient interest.

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  • Listening to some home-brew audio, might be an idea to rustle up some preset channels - like ducker (auto dipping music when dialogue/VO is active - with a small tutorial for each) EQ & Compression etc as a template - I can port em over to AU and RTAS and VST on the mac for the Final cutters etc if you want a hand on the dark side ;p

  • @soundgh2 Not sure how I missed your reply. :) I'm afraid I don't think I'll have time to create tutorials for this very soon because of my magazine commitments but I may be able to get the presets I mentioned up soon. Every time I think I've got my schedule figured out, video/audio work changes. :)