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CS5.5, import/export settings for pal footage from FLowmotion
  • Hello all.

    I did a few searches and can see there are numerous topics scattered about, relating to Premiere Pro and Flow motion, but did not want to derail those ones as they are more focused on CS6 or Flowmotion Patch itself.

    Been a while since I posted again.. Ive been experimenting with my GH2 a lot lately and have found that straight from the SD card into a Panasonic Plasma HD TV, the footage looks perfect. Then when I edit the footage together in Premiere Pro using import export settings recommended on EOSHD, I have trouble with distortion of image (graininess, low quality etc)

    Can anyone suggest how to import the footage or how to set up my projects with which preset, and then suggest a custom export setting/preset that they work with using Premiere Pro CS5.5?

    Basically, I use a standard GH2, hacked with Flowmotion V2.2, then a 95mbps SDXC card by Sandisk (64gb) Class 10.

    In terms of my in camera settings I try to usually opt for Pal, in either HBR or Manual Movie Mode. Everything looks how I want it to when using my SD card into a friends TV as described before.

    Thanks so much for any help I really appreciate all the advice I have received so far. I realise that when I have uploaded my footage to youtube and Vimeo it will be compressed somewhat but at the moment I just want to export the video at the highest possible quality so it ends up looking exactly how it did directly from SD card into TV.

    Many Thanks again.


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  • Can you tell me why you post topic in Top Settings? And why add unrelated things to tags?

    And how export settings can be realated to Flowmotion?

  • sorry Vitaliy, I should have put it in beginner, I thought that when I export it it would relate to the Flowmotion settings... such as the write speed, bit rate etc? should really have put it in beginner to be honest, i just thought because its settings that I am after, i needed to put it there. apologies!