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Prezi: new form of presentations by tilt, pan, zoom effects
  • Did anybody thought about using

    maybe in combination with image capturing.

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  • While fun to work with (and worth sharing), it's hardly new. Prezi has been around since 2009. How do you propose using it "in combination with image capturing"? just for slide-showing your photos/videos? in that case the answer is yes, it's been thought of. Also, Animoto and the like are more geared towards making a video out of your images/video, but do cost a litte, and you lose some control, I think.

  • I just started and will give on Monday first presentation in area of chemistry based on this. Due to the fact that its not really new editing and presenting works really stable since yet. Its really fast and I want to try to implement that also for video by image capturing.

    You can start your animation also offline for free. While only editing works online for free.....

  • To combine Prezi with video I'm now looking for a good screen record program that works at least with 1080p30 capturing. BB Flashback Express seems to work very well. You can find it here:

    Can somebody recommend another program.

  • This one was build to capture FPS games, the codec that comes with it is very slick and gives good quality:

  • @tida

    Magix Editors have screen capture, so you won't need to use other tool.

  • @Vitaly, yes my old Magix VDL 16 has already one, but I get it only be activated on my laptop. Might be that I miss some drivers on my desktop computer.

    @Meierhans, specs of fraps sounds very good. 1080p60 would fit to the monitor refresh rate and should give the best results.

    Velocity changes of tilt, pan and zoom effects should then also easly be handled by Sony Vegas. (timelapse - slow motion)

  • So, this is what I mean...