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SOLD: Used GH1
  • I am selling my trusted GH1 as I recently bought a GH2 with the price drops. I was keeping my GH1 for a B-cam, but in reality as i'm just a hobbyist, don't really need a B-cam!

    It works great, and is hacked. The only caveat is that the two lever switches on the top right can be somewhat 'sticky' (on/off lever and the single shot/multiple shot lever..). Both levers work fine, but if not used in a while, can require a push to move (so more noticeable on the single/multi shot lever, as i never use that)!

    Will include original cables/straps/manuals (if needed) etc. Will include an extra official Panasonic battery and an off market back up battery also (works, but doesn't hold charge well, good for end of day back up!)


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  • I'll buy, thanks Jules. :)

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