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What brand chroma green screen do you use?
  • Just a curious question. There seems to be quite a handful to choose from. I'm looking to do a green screen shoot in the near future for a short film and was looking at picking one up. I know one of the big things to look for is non-reflective and wrinkle-resistant. Westcott seems to be popular brand. But could I just get any old green screen and it'll work?

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  • I think more proper way is not talk about the exact brand, but more about all that you need to check to get good screeen. All required specs, in other words.

  • I think chroma foam seems to be the best choice. We'll see.

  • I all, need to buy some kind of chroma green someone recommend good one, not to expensive?


  • 99% of what you gonna find have inaccurate color for the "perfect" chromakey. That being said, it doesn't mean that it won't work at all, in fact what's more important is your overall setup with it (lights, subject's distance, flat greenscreen). It also depends how comfortable you're going to be in post but any greenscreen is going to work, even one of your wall painted green. Just avoid blue screen.

  • Why avoid blue? I've used blue for years with great results. It's all in the lighting and acquisition format.