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Ways to organise, track and transport multiple batteries/chargers?
  • Can anyone provide tips or photos for efficient ways to manage multiple chargers and batteries during location shooting? (i.e. for cameras, lights, monitors, phones, laptops, etc, etc.) I could really use some zen inspiration in this "spaghetti management" department as my kit is getting out of control ...

    • do people use a separate case for all chargers, possibly with built in power boards?
    • best labelling method for batteries (e.g. just "dyno" style sticky labeller?)
    • good simple ways to tag a battery as charged/flat? (e.g. reversible green/red sticky/velcro patches?)
    • best methods for labelling and wrangling cables (e.g. particular velcro tab products)

    I am finding that it is really helpful to have a checklist at the charging station that includes ... the charge/discharge times for all batteries ... a "key" for what the lights mean on different chargers ... numbering of all batteries for the same device (der!). This sort of micro detail management can make or break a shoot when you have late night turn-arounds and a sleepy camera assistant. Just puttin it out there to maybe save some headaches ...

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  • I use a lot of batteries for model flying and video. I could do a lot of damage and a lot of cost by using the wrong batteries.

    I have a simple case with multiple sections. The charged batteries go in one section and then they migrate to the far section when used. When I get back home, anything in the fresh section that has been there for more than a week or so gets discharged to half capacity (if it purchase price was more than £15), otherwise its considered used.

    I do number the expensive batteries, but thats only to keep track of the charge cycles they have had and form an opinion on which brands are better value.

  • 8-outlet flat power strip for multiple wall-wart chargers:

    1. Colour code charger to each battery type. ie . Same coloured tape on battery and charger.
    2. Get some coloured tupperware sandwich boxes or containers at the dollar store. Charged batteries into the green box, discharged ones into the red box.