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Tripod upgrade on the budget
  • I sport a vintage Slik 503QF tripod (its been working fine for 20 years) and because of that, I'm somewhat inclined to the Slik brand. But, I'm considering an upgrade, since the center column can be pushed down even when it's tightened, so putting a rig on that wouldn't make me confident.

    Slik 504 QF II seems like a reasonable upgrade, so Im planning on this, and correct me if Im wrong - if I get the slider (Im thinking Varavon) I should get another Slik 504 head too for the slider, and get 3 QR plates (rig, tripod, slider) I missing out on something, special screw adapters or whatnot?

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  • Go to ebay and search for 717AH head, get it and forget about Slik plastic head.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev ok thanks for the tip, I looked at few YT reviews, seems like a solid product.

    What would be the bottom or lower-middle class tripod for the video use with this head? It has to be Manfrotto, because shops around my way only carry Manfrotto and I just learned about the taxes of importing tripods online...there's no way I'll order it that way.

    So I'm basically forced to get Manfrotto, there are no other choices here where I live, either Manfrotto or noname.