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Noise Reduction software like Neat Video
  • I'm looking for some seriously good noise reduction software, and these are the two that keep getting discussed. Right now, I'm probably going to get ColorGhear-- it's cheaper, there's a lot of color correction features, handles full-hi-def for the money, plus the tutorials-- but Neat keeps getting nice notices for noise reduction.

    Has anyone used both of these? Or developed some kind of comparison video?

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  • Is ColorGHear software? At least you can't compare all this to serious NetVideo.

  • ColorGHear is very useful, but for noise reduction Neatvideo beats it. It even beats Teranex!

  • @nomad

    Last time I checked Shian described ColorGHear as just set of settings. I really do not understand how you can compare it to full fledged real software.

  • I didn't start this comparison ;-)

  • I didn't start this comparison ;-)

    OK. I'll rename it. As it is much better to compare real software with real software.

  • Absolutely. BTW, Neatvideo comes very close to Arri Relativity in quality, we tested this.

  • Not to derail the discussion: has anyone used NeatVideo 3.x successfully on the GPU? All I manage to do is hard lock/crash my workstation in both Windows and OS X. It may have to do with the limited memory (1GB) in my GTX285. Maybe. If you have a positive outcome please share your system info (GPU model+VRAM, CPU model, GPU-only render time improvement over CPU-only). It may just the budge I need to upgrade the GPU, since NV is pretty much par for the course for my current projects and workflow.

  • I have Neat Video 3, whatever the Pro version is, and I have tried it as GPU, CPU and combination, and it all works fine. If you have an older card, you may have to use an older driver, which is also true of PP. If you have a lot of effects piled on, you should render out the NR as a separate pass, I usually run it BEFORE editing so the cross fades don't get mucked up, but you can also do a light NR at the end of the project and then you don't have to render out all the clips. I can't imagine it is related to the 1GB. Neat Video likes i7 CPUs, you can run it fast just using a good i7. I'm using a GTX 650. For the 285, you may need an older driver. If you don't have an i7, that is the place to put your $$$.

  • Discussing ColorGHear is prohibited in this topic. Period.

    For AFX noise reduction settings use existing ColoGHear topic, please.

  • Might as well erase the topic, then: the question was whether there was a difference in NR quality between Neat Video and the settings ColorGhear uses in AE.

    Yes, Neat is a dedicated program, and ColorGhear is a set of settings for AE. I don't see why that distinction should prevent anyone from comparing their results.

  • Magic Bullet Denoiser is pretty good

  • Yes, Neat is a dedicated program, and ColorGhear is a set of settings for AE. I don't see why that distinction should prevent anyone from comparing their results

    It makes huge mess in readers mind, as people start thinking that it is noise reduction software, and it is just existing AFX noise filter.

  • I agree 100% with Vitaliy here, it is confusing for inexperienced users.

    When we tested Neatvideo and a few others, we tested the denoiser in AE as well. BTW, it was only bought by Adobe (like many other plug-ins) and it had the pretty name "Grain Surgery" before.

    If you want to use it to the limit, you'll need to dig into it's parameters anyway, but it won't match the quality of Neatvideo (as no other software in a similar price range). If you use the current version of Neatvideo with a good CUDA card, it will be much faster than AE's denoiser too, if both are set to temporal. Only temporal denoisers are worth considering, any simpler software makes your video look very soft.

  • Hard to tell the quality, as even at 720p the YouTube video looks blocky to me. Any idea when this software's to be released, and its price?

  • cinemartin is giving away a few licenses on their Facebook page right now. I signed up for one and got the program already. I will post my findings after I experiment with some footage. I'll be shooting some low light footage with my GH3 and comparing the cinemartin program to neat video.

  • DE:Noise v3