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Gorilla Plate for GH2
  • I'm looking for suggestions or "zacuto" gorilla plate for gh2. My setup consists of dslr base with D|focus follow focus system and zacuto gorilla plate. I found this setup to work perfectly on the canon cameras however, the zacuto gorilla plate is too big for my GH2 and there is no way to replace the battery with the gorilla plate screwed to the camera . The reason why I need "zacuto" gorilla plate for my gh2 is that is more portable and easier to slide up the camera from the dslr base with out touching the follow focus system. Any advice?
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  • @Tommyboy

    Do you have photos of currect gorilla plate?
  • @Tommyboy

    I have no experience with this baseplate

    BTW, I've been looking into the Gorilla baseplate, may be interested if you decide to sell yours.
  • @ Vitaliy

    I'll post some pictures tonight. As a matter of fact, I was going to make short video describing my problem and send it to Zacuto for them to consider start making a new gorilla plate dedicated to GH2.


    Thank you for the link I will look into it. Maybe, I'll buy it to test it out but this only would resolve my battery door access with out the zacuto Z-Finder (DSLR Optical Viewfinder), since you would need to modify the gorilla plate with some riser to get it fully fitted to the gh2 lcd screen (something I forgot to mention in my first post).

    Also, I'm keeping my plate for now for future use on the canon cameras.