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Fusion for Grading
  • Now that connection offers easy access to the Eyeon Fusion toolset using Avid as a host app, has anyone tried grading with it? i did a little bit. i know the Fusion toolset well and it seems like a decent solution. just wondering what others think about this. i know a lot of people don't own Fusion because AE is so affordable in comparison, but I have used it for years and love it.

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  • I've used it a little with Symphony. For most primary matching and styles, I prefer the Symphony toolset as it works so well with relative media. For special effects, or especially for tree type compositing where you need to color multiple elements, Fusion is likely the best workflow option.

    If you just have Media Composer, I'd consider the Symphony upgrade special. They often run a $995 US upgrade special, and it also now works software only.

  • i was wondering about the Symphony toolset, but i don't know it very well. is it limited to 10bit? also- i plan on bringing GH3 clips in through AMA. do you think that matters?