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nikon d7000 or canon 5d II for video?
  • Sorry if there is a topic about this already.

    I own a d7000 and have seen some pretty good christmas deals going on for the 5D II.
    I'm pretty sure the 5D is the better option, but would like to get some input from people that have used a 5d or both of these cameras. Factor magic lantern into the picture as well.

    or, what other options should I weigh in the $1700 range?

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  • Remember that D600 is now almost in the same range.

    And discounts on 5D Mark III happens frequently.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    what do you find better about the D600 over the Canon 6D? (ignore 6d wifi) what I don't like about either is the LCD screens have no swivle.
    I have watched the d600 & 6d promo videos and both have amazing quality yet both have a different look about them.

    Also, do you know what the bitrate of the 6D is? I have looked high and low for it and can't find anything. Im assuming it's 24mbs, but didn't know if anybody know for sure.


    Bought a D600 from best buy tonight and I'm afraid what I assumed it correct, the D600 is amazing as a photography camera, but still lacks in the video area. If the weather is descent tomorrow I will take it out for some daylight shots to get a better opinion. If I am not happy with the daylight shots I will return it, and then order a 6D to further my investigation. I really feel like that the best way to see the true potential of the d600 is to use a lens 10x the cost of the camera, which I am unable to do. lol

    The internet is loaded with a lot of 50/50 reviews and a lot of reviews have the Nikon coming out on top, but I truly believe they are doing this based on comparing specs on paper , instead of hands on.

    The one thing that stood out to me with the nikon video is how stabilized it shot handheld. I have only shot with a d3000, d5000, d7000, and now a d600 and I will admit that the video ability's have much improved over the past nikons I have shot with.

  • Looks like the D7000 is about to be discontinued, with a successor likely just around the corner.

  • just sold mine last night with a few lenses on ebay for $1150, best thing i've ever done in my life nikon is dead to me