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DJi Phantom GoPro Aerial
  • After long research and waiting for new solutions I thing this is ready to go reelable budget quadrocopter for Gopro aerial fottage. Most importunate is that the price acceptable for RTF. Release December 2012

    Update many months later :)

    Aerial done with Phantom, DIY gimbal and vibration mount and GP3

    Timelapse GH3 and DIY slider and few GH2 shots.

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  • @konjow

    How much does it cost?

  • 460£ in UK full kit ready to fly

  • @konjow looks very attractive. I do a lot of model flying (you may have guessed).

    The price is attractive and some of the functions would be awesome if they work. I would counsel that it seems like you're getting a awful lot for the money!

    I would say that the inevitable repairs could be tricky, most quads for this sort of work are 'naked' and use eminently replaceable parts, for example standard 10mm CF booms. If you get one you will crash it, so ease of maintenance is always important!

    I got more from the video that I did from the tech pages. 3S 2200mAh Lipo is quite good as is the choice or 2212 motors. There wasn't any longer flying shots so I couldn't see the stability of the gyros.

  • @andyharris thanks for your expert's opinion. I reordered one yesterday as I found this easy to fly for amateur pilot as Im for a good price. So I share this with community here...cant wait to get one and I hope I will not crash :) and my test will be up soon test here:


  • @subco this is only one video shows how this fly and it is actually made by UK shop. You are right it is suspicious and there is a big chance that Gopro footage is shaky or useless other way and is better to wait...However I got more excited about this then about Gpro3 or GH3 :) Like a little boy....

  • Not to good after all

  • @konjow Do you have the pass for this vid? And by pure luck I was donated a quadcopter this weekend. Need to do a bit of fettling to make it airworthy. Looks like it'll lift a GoPro plus gimbal ...

  • video was made by one of the us shop (i think) Was passworded after few hours. DJI could contact him...or something other happened :) There was jello effect on GP1 footage. People commented that is not bad but for me was not great either (as for out of the box with GP mount for amatour). It can be ok with props balanced etc. but is not yet.

  • "Camera ready. Perfect for GoPro" Just don't ask to see any aerial footage before you buy it!

    These remote controlled 'copter deals are popping up like mayflies. I saw some real good ones at the Photokina with cameras attached -- none of the footage would be usable in a serious project and they were all in the 2000 Euro and up range. This particular item looks like the work of well-meaning amateurs along the same lines of that Bolex video camera that has yet to materialize. Rules number one and two for the effective marketing of any new device: Focus on the do-able aspects of the product; don't make promises you can't deliver on. I'd love to have a cheap alternative like one of this new generation of quads, but good (as in "stable") aerial photography is very difficult to achieve and requires specialty gear and a high level of technical expertise. This, however, is an expensive toy, rushed to market for the Christmas shopping season.

  • Interesting how it's unviewable now.

  • @subco it would not be me. When i get something to work, knowledge, equipment and I know enough about it Im looking for something else...(in general not just video(: However I preordered this one as a good easy starting point. I will know soon how much improvements it needs. If will not work I still have fan- I never have rc toys. Christmas toy in the worst scenario. Will let you know soon:) (two weeks seller says)

  • its getting better

  • @konjow

    Is this new video shot by you?

  • @konjow interesting. the night flying looks more stable. If you filmed it, or know something about it: any clue why it's better? less wind? stabilising applied in post? pilot skills?

  • During the night Gopro lower exposure speed and than vibrations doesn't produce jello effect.

  • @kicap @evero No its not by me. Mine will be shipped 14 Dec. It looks better becous shooter is slower at night - I think. or ND filters during day time. Props where properly balanced.

  • EOS forum just "found" this and supplier is on there with some info re" delivery dates and such

  • UPDATE: Producer dji start to shipped them to dealers (after delay) last week. I should get mine next week. Funny thing is I sold my go pro 1 and still did not get my black one-ordered 02.11.2012 (Irish way) hrrr

  • I dont expect this to be super stable flight like on 3000euro machine. I just hope that after costume and other solution and post, we will get nice aerial images from this toy. For now is more likely that it is very jello-ish OTB.

  • I will have mine this week and will experiment with jello. Dji tutorials video

  • I struggled with jello right out of the box, but I have since been able to get rid of it. This is a video I put together explaining a few things I tried, and what works the best. Hope it helps!

  • It was very windy day but I could not wait to test my diy antyvibration mount. Flying time was 5s longer then expected So there is a jello free 2.7k and crash in one 36 sec clip. Video is unusable but looks like is jello free. Fisheye reduced no other effects applied. Can do another flight because have to wait for new props

    Resized from 2.7k to 720p for Vimeo Premiere 720 preset 5mkb. I was very disappointed when I discovered it looks OK on my PC but wimeo recompose this again after upload. I tried few other ways and Im really surprise that youtube make a better job unless you pay for vimeo plus. I hope Im wrong and Im missing something...but difference is big for me.

  • If you buy a $20 prop balancer and balance the props with little bits of scotch tape, you loose the vibration that causes the jellow. All other techniques are redundant.

  • Anty-Teaser as a Teaser- Phantom used

    @willardj in sunny day with 2.7 balanced props are not enough to eliminate jello!