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Panasonic SD900 + Accessories - sold
  • I'm selling my SD900 after using as a B-cam for just over one year. The camera has no damage to it and has been very reliable with no errors during it's use.

    I'm now using GH2 as B-Cam and raising funds for GH3, thus the reason for sale.

    Camera comes with all equipment normally supplied in original undamaged box plus the following extras:-

    • 16gb SDHC
    • 2 X 2500 mAh batteries (One original Panasonic, one third party) + 1 x 1250 mAh battery (Panasonic).
    • Stand-a-lone battery charger (Third Party)

    I will sell this complete package for £475

    I am currently offshore just now and not able to upload photos, I will however be returning home this Wednesday coming and will be able to upload photos then. I do not have long at home, thus the reason for trying to set this up before I go home.

    If anybody would like anymore info then please private message me.

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