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How-to: Fix lens to adapter looseness
  • So I figured out a way to get rid of the looseness between lenses and their adapters. Since most of us use still lenses that tend to fit a little loose in their mounts and then wiggle and move when focused. This can cause the frame to shift slightly and it's very noticeable when rack focusing. I found very thin adhesive PTFE(teflon) sheets that can be cut out to the same shape as the mounting face and used to shim the lens to make a tight fit. I just cut out a piece large enough to cover the face of the mount and then trimmed the PTFE to the OD and ID of the mount face. Teflon is of course very slick and has a bit of pliability to it so that it won't mar the mounting surface of your lens. In any case, I make no warranty about this so do it at your own risk. :)

    What I used was .005(PN 2208T21) and .01(PN 2208T111) thick sheets of adhesive PTFE from McMaster-Carr supply:

    I'm not sure where you can get sheets of adhesive PTFE in other countries though. I assume there are industrial supply companies that have raw materials like this.

    I'll get some pictures of them up soon.
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  • Interesting.

    Try faster method - insert thin screwdriver into cuts in brass mount. Make them slightly larger.
    lens fit will become tight if done properly.
    For all my adapters this method worked perfectly.
  • I was able to do that on one of my adapters, but be careful doing it. The brass can crack easily if bent too much. The other one had spring fingers that could not be bent without breaking them. I found out the hard way..

    Also, the GHx cameras have spring fingers on their mounts too. I took my GH1 mount out and tried to make it tighter but it didn't achieve the tension that I needed to keep the adapter from moving.
  • I also have universal adapter.
    Made from steel and use 8 screws to mount lens (anything from about 40mm to 51mm fp).
    This one sit pretty tight :-)
  • wow, that's a tough sounding adapter. Did you make it or buy it? All I've seen are the brass/aluminum ones with 3-4 screws.
  • What da...
  • Are any of these type of adapters sold on Ebay?
  • >Are any of these type of adapters sold on Ebay?

    Why you need Ebay?
    Use their international page (see link above), add it to cart and go to checkout.
    They are accepting bank transfers, Moneybookers and PayPal.
  • I already did. Also posted it on a few other pages, I guess they can expect many orders. Thanks Vitaliy for the tip.
  • Sad thing about this adapter that it do not work with EOS lenses (they just do not fit inside).
    Other thing is that they need to add about 10mm of threads and different top sections, so you could mount B4 lenses, for example.
    Tripod mounts is also good idea.
    But they do not respond to mail.
  • Thank you for your notes. I suggested them to read your opinions and they explained not answering your email by their mail account problems. Anyway, they also said that they have plans to produce additional ring for EOS lenses...
  • Yeah, I got their reply.
    Hope that they'll have on our community soon and be the first to know about improved products.
  • will this adapter work with arri bayonet? I have good lenses for 16mm movie camera with arri bayonet.
  • >will this adapter work with arri bayonet?

    It may work. Diameter seems ok.
    It seems like 52mm FFD is too large, but if you deep bayonet slightly it could work.
    But I am not sure.
  • you mean no infinity focus? or damaged sensor?
  • >you mean no infinity focus?

    I mean that may be you won't have infinity focus, but I am not sure. It can work.

    > or damaged sensor?

    No, of course :-)
  • minolta to micro 4/3:
    I bought one from ebay for $20. The connection between the camera and the adapter is very snug, but the connection between the lens and the adapter has a lot of play in it. I made this video so you can see how it affects the image:

    I was wondering if anybody else has similar amounts of play with cheap adapters from ebay, or if somebody can recommend one that has no play?
  • If you already have the Panasonic or Olympus legacy Four Thirds -> M4/3 adapter, there's an excellent Minolta MD adapter alternative to a cheap Micro Four Thirds adapter:

    While this is a cheap legacy Four Thirds adapter ring, it's so thin that it needs you to tighten down a small set-screw to lock it onto the MD lens. That converts it semi-permanently to a tight legacy Four Thirds lens mount, which will screw into the Panasonic Four Thirds -> M4/3 adapter.
  • @ Vitaliy, Does that Russian Anylens adapter work with FD lenses? My original plan was to buy this Polish one
    simply because the build quality seemed exceptional. Now it seems the one you mentioned may be the better choice since it would open my world up to more than just FD lenses. My only concern would be if it is more prone to dust and moisture because of the way lenses mount. I have been known to fall with camera in hand, or take a few shots as it starts to rain, so these things are worth taking into account for this amateur. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  • This universal adapter seems pretty interesting... not sure how I didn't see this thread before, but glad to see someone revived it to bring this to my attention!

    Currently have a cheap Fotodiox Nikon G adapter but the fit is pretty loose with a not insignifigant amount of play between the adapter and the lens, and evidently the flange distance isn't quite right, so I'm in the market for a better quality adapter, but I'm on a budget.

    To be honest, I don't expect to get much use out of the universal nature of this adapter--I'm currently all Nikon lenses--but you never know, and if it's as solid and tight as you say Vitaliy, this could be a winner--certainly compared to the high priced adapters from Voigtlander, Novoflex, and others! (I just can't afford throwing down a few hundred bucks on adapter!)
  • @mee

    Better get good specific FD adapter and use extra ones (even universal) for other lenses.
    It'll be much more reliable and fast to use.
  • @Vitaliy, I see your point. To say I am on a budget is an understatement, so FD lenses will be my focus once I get the adapter for quite awhile anyways. What do you think about the Adapter in the video. I know there are cheaper ones on ebay, but I try not to buy products from China unless I have no other choice as I feel it is like buying at wallmart, in that it destroys local economy's around the world. Seems every adapter I could find on the web for FD/FL's was from China except that one. For a laugh I asked my local Yodobashi Camera if they had an FD adapter, and sure enough they have one.. for a mere 17,000 Yen (about $215 USD). ha. I didn't even bother asking where that one was made ; P
  • ciecio7's adapters seem to be very well regarded, but I don't need Canon FD, I want a Nikon adapter, which he doens't seem to do. (...anymore? I want to he used to but I could be wrong!)
    But I may be straying off-topic here...
  • Yes same here, should ask him to do the Nikon one. I have one of the Chinese one. I can work with it but it is far from perfect. I it not a tight fit, it moves a little bit if you rotate the lens and it lets light in (I think from the lens release). It creates flares, I have to put some tape when you have directional light (sun setting) on the left side. It would be nice to get a good adapter in between those super expensive $ 200 one and the super cheap ebay ones.