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Vlogging Camera: Recommendations needed!
  • Hey guys, I need to find a camera that writers (read: non-camera fanatics like ourselves) for a website can use for shooting their own daily vlogs.

    Key considerations are as follows:

    1. Ease of use for non-technical people
    2. Video quality (1080p and good autofocus/autoiris)
    3. Audio quality (they won't be using separate mics)
    4. Recording format compatibility

    We have some webcams we've been using, but the included software records into Windows Media format and is only 720p anyway. Having to transcode from WMV into something we can edit is a huge workflow pain. Ideally it could at least spit out an H.264 that could be edited natively in Premiere. Bonus points if it can also work in FCP7 since that's still mostly what people edit on at my workplace, although I'm pushing to adopt Premiere.

    Is there anything out there like this? Something like the GoPro would be good if the wide angle were not so extreme (even the smaller FOV settings seem a bit extreme to me).

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  • Do you need webcam, or separate camera?

    For webcams it is top Logitech and Microsoft cameras, I guess.

    For separates - Panasonic SD90, cheap, 28mm wide end, 1080p60.

  • I would prefer the simplicity of a webcam, however the hardware the writers work on are pretty outdated laptops, so I don't know if they would fit the system requirements in all cases for webcams.

    But then looking at the SD90, all the options make me very nervous to hand that off to a non-technical person, even if we set things up in advance.

    What would be ideal would be something as simple as a webcam but still recording to SD card media and not reliant on system specs.

    The other big consideration I didn't mention is cost. For the budget we have, a $100 Logitech is a lot more doable than a $500 camcorder.

  • @Oedipax

    Last time I checked, it is much simpler to mess things with webcam.

    As for SD90, just tell them to set Ai mode :-)

    As for price, refurbished SD90 on ebay is really best camera among cheap ones.

    I see last 5 available.

  • Well it really depends on purpose. Canon Ixus cameras are very popular among vloggers who prefers small size. Not the best video/audio quality but good enough for many.

  • i also wanted a camcorder. i bought a used tm900 on craigslist for 550. Even though it was a good deal i regret not getting the canon vixia g10.

    I don't like 60p at all. cars look silly when you see them move. motion looks like those 120hz tvs.
    ive been conditioned to like 24p, it is what it is.

    i love camcorders for their zooms and stabelization. you can walk in the street get get closeups of wierdos on the street without them seeing you, its fantastic! but native 24p is important to me from now on. But gh2 is still my money cam :)