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Nikon 17-55mm tripod ring solutions?
  • I've done some preliminary digging around and nobody seems to have broached this topic so far.

    The 17-55 lens has been really enjoyable to shoot with so far, but I'd like to take the tension off the mount of my M43 bodies--it's a beast of a heavy lens!

    I've got some ideas about how to assemble a rig to do so, but I'm curious if anybody else has tried this.

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  • Look for the Nikon to MFT adapter on Ebay that has a tripod mount attached to it. I've been using it for months with my Tokina 11-16, 28-70, Rokinon 24mm,35mm and 85mm with no problem. It's tight and works fine with a FF. That one on amazon has really bad reviews.

  • Yep, just note that some adapters have not so great tripod mounts.

    You can just get lens support, from very cheap ones to very good Varavon one.

  • I've heard that and mine has just been fine. All I hear is rumors about them breaking but nobody that it's actually happened to. I cranked mine down and twisted it pretty hard and it was good. I'll post link to mine but until someone shows me one they broke, I'm going to think it's all hear say. Think it was $30 and it has the iris ring on it. And just for the record, I just bought a Varavon to try it out along with a Novaflex adapter so I'll be able to compare the two, though I'm sure the novaflex will blow the tolerance factor away in the cheap ones.

  • @vicharris Would be very interested to hear your experience with adapters. I'm looking at same Nikon 17-55 lens. Have you posted any footage that you shot with this lens and GH2? Curious to see image characteristics of this GH2/Nikon17-55 combo. Thanks

  • @matt_gh2 I don't have that lens but I hear it is nice. The only problem is that you are guessing on the f stop just like the tokina 11-16. I really don't mind it on the tokina but I wouldn't want that problem with my rokinons (24,35 and 85) I just pulled my camera of my rig with that adapter to test out a car mount rig but I know I have pics somewhere here. I really haven't had the problem others have had with that cheap tripod mount adapter from ebay. The only real problem for some odd reason is that with my old Tokina 28-70, I can't get infinity focus till it reaches 40-50mm or so but it's dead on with my new Rokinon 24 1.5 Cine so who knows. I have a pile of cheap adapters here but will order the novaflex with the varavon lens support and test it soon with a FF to see if it rocks at all.

  • @vicharris Thanks

    @Micah I'm looking at same Nikon 17-55 lens. Have you posted any footage that you shot with this lens and GH2? Curious to see image characteristics of this GH2/Nikon17-55 combo. Thanks

  • Depending on your setup, this works very well:

    Rests right at the rear of the lens hood, and has multiple mounting holes in the middle to get a good balance.

    EDIT: I've also got some shots of the GH2/17-55 combo:



  • I use a normal long lens support.

    1024 x 768 - 239K
  • @BlueBomberTurbo Thanks for posting. Will be trying out the Nikon 17-55 next week. Will be interesting to see how it plays with Apoc. Now Boom setting and color correction.

  • @xenogears What lens is that? Is that the 80-200?

  • @vicharris Yes, is the Nikon 80-200mm f2.8ED

  • I use a Novoflex adapter and a Cavision lens support. Both are perfect for the 17-55.

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  • Sorry, just catching up here!

    @xenogears: that's something like what I was thinking of!

    @omellan: better yet! Thanks!

    @matt_gh2: I've got some footage. I'll post it here as soon as a I get a chance. I'm mainly a stills guy, and my workload has been heavy lately. Soon though!

    Thanks everybody for the input. So far I've found this: ...and now I just need to figure out what the sweet spot is for fit/price on a support rod system. I've got a pair of GX1 bodies, but I'm contemplating grabbing a GH2, now that they're cheaper than dirt. Not sure if there's a solution that will work with both...but I'm still researching!