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Best tripod for cranes?
  • Any suggestions on an AFFORDABLE tripod w/head that can handle quite a bit of weight and be smooth at the same time?

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  • It depends on a crane. :-)

    The bigger the crane, the smoother all will be :-)

  • it's pretty big I tested it early on tripod/head that is NOWHERE near designed for the weight I had, and it was very smooth, I just knew it was a matter of time something was going to go bad so I called it quits until I got a better tripod setup. The crane is a Cobra Crane II HD, and for how cheap it was I am actually pretty happy with how it functions and how easy it was to put together.

  • I use about 30kg crane on MA 501 head :) works like a charm .. well bearing in mind its not meant for this kind of job :)

  • I got some useful advice in this thread:

    Mostly about whether a theodolight tripod is strong enough and can you get the bits for it.

  • @alfi666

    Does it feel really solid on head are far as wobble, and also does it cause the crane to tilt? I just pulled the trigger on the 501 today along with the Manfrotto 582xb (supports 110 lbs) lol

  • @GravitateMediaGroup No it's not tilting, but have to be tightened well and crane has to be balanced so its not much heavier on one end.

    It's working for me, but this head is not built to support it, so do it at your own risk :)

  • I built a 8 ft crane using a broken tripod, an industrial swivel caster horn ( available at shipping equipment stores) and some discarded metal bars from a retail display rack. The caster unit was bolted to a metal electrical box mounted onto the tripod. Overall, a very smooth unit and could support a Canon XH-A1 ( around 6lbs). To keep it balanced, the tripod was never extended. Weights used were 2 plasticized concrete weights from those Halogen Lamp stands from Walmart.