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EVO controller keyboard
  • The evo is a pure keyboard controller that is connected to a computer via an Ethernet interface, and that communicates via Midi, OSC or our own in-house protocol with synthesizers, sequencers or similar. The keys are the special feature here. Every single key is equipped with a sensor that allows evo to read the finger position on a certain area of the key surface. Thus, every key offers, in addition to pitch and velocity, an additional level of polyphonic data input that can be used for continuous control of independent notes.

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  • So each key is a capacitive touchscreen, and the polyphones change when you move. Interesting concept!

    Why is this worth 500 EUR ?

  • @zcream

    Because it is made in very small amounts :-)

  • Considering concept - it is interesting, but nor very handy.

    I hope to use Leap Motion sensors above keyboard to report hands position. This can be cheaper, and expression power can be much bigger.

    For example, you can play theme using one hand and move imaginable bow with other (and it'll react to all angles, not only speed).

  • How is this different from the Kinect ? Or just using the Kinect for playing an air guitar ?

  • @zcream

    It is very different, from resolution and tracking abilities to delay.

    Kinect is really very shitty thing. Low res, noisy, big tracking distance and features restrictions, with big delays.

  • well, technically it's 199 + 70 shipping.. and tax? seems cool though