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F/32 for Macro?
  • Noob question here. I've been watching Macro How to videos and they seem to all be using Canon DSLR and Canon lenses. Those macro lenses all seem to go to f/32. I understand why...greater depth of field needed for macro, but I don't see any Oly or Pana m4/3 lenses that go to f/32. Most are f/22, I think. Am I wrong? Is that f/22 for m4/3 lenses really an effective f/32 in the full frame world or am I not getting something here? It isn't a complaint as my m4/3 macro shots are pretty good, I think, and will get better with that nice Oly 60mm Macro f/2.8 that's coming. I'm just curious if anyone knows what I'm trying to ask here.

    Harold House

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  • @ragnar
    IQ on the m4/3 sensor starts to decrease already from f/5.6 onwards due to diffraction

  • Manufacturers don't really care if users run into diffraction limits. One of the first HD camcorders by JVC with a 1/3 sensor had stops on it's Fujinon lens going all the way to 16.

    If you really used that stop, the resolution went down to SD level …