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DMX controller for LED lights
  • As I have a DN2-T&D 900 LED light and I'm very interested in the LED fresnells and getting more DN2's, a DMX controller would be interesting.

    I'm looking for a box with one USB connection to a computer (which software?) and several DMX outputs to hook up the lights. I know you can daisy chain the lights, but to have 2 or 3 output sockets would still be of an advantage.


    You can get any for cheap, locally or on :-)

    In fact, I think that Wi-Fi must be mandatory for led or fluo modern lights.

    @Vitaliy_Kiselev I had a look at aliexpress, but I didn't find a DMX controller for my DN2. The DN2 has a 5 pin connector, all controllers do seem to only have 3 pin connectors (looks like XLR plugs to me).

    Any information or experience reports with DMX controllers are appreciated.

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  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Thanks very much. the standart are 5 pin connectors (to not be confused with XLR plugs), why can't I find a DMX controller with 5 pin outputs? They are all only 3 pin, so I would need an adaptor. Whats the reason behind that?

  • Just buy as many connectors as you want and make as many adaptors as you want, they are very cheap.

    As 5 pin XLR is just normal stereo 5 min XLR.