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Panasonic G3 Stable Settings
  • I managed to fix the writing error on the previous patches messing with the buffer size. Actually I put 170M bitrate and the small shootings I made really passed through with no errors! Since I am still learning about those settings, I would like to ask someone to analyze the data and see if I really got it. Annexed goes my patch.

    I based my settings over Driftwood cluster v6 settings.

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  • I tried your buffer settings.. All is good, no write errors but camera is freezing sometimes... I noticed this issue on bitrates over 45M... with AQ on it's freezing over 40M i think...

  • Yeah, I noticed that too @JOFO today I made some shooting and I saw the failure. Well I also noticed a "heating effect", after the first error I goes fine with longer videos. Only in the very first shoot it stops because of the card speed. Have you analyzed the videos you made? How's the bitrate?

  • I have tested 70M option without AQ and bitrate averages around 35M (min 14M max 70M). I have not parsed 170M sample as I'm back to 45M settings.

  • I tried your ini on G3, and found the video produced to be still 1080i, with much higher bit rates. Is it possible to shoot 1080p?

  • @tiesuoqiao: It's 1080 25p/30p encapsulated in 50i/60i container...

  • Is there a way to unwrap the container and get the 25p/30p inside?

  • @tiesuoqiao I don`t really know if that is possible. Hope someone else can help. By the way @JOFO is it possible to change the ini so we can have also 60p?

  • as i know, sensor output is 25p/30p so there isn't any chance to get 50p/60p on G3. Maybe it could be done via hack, but I don't give it big probability... @tiesuoqiao: if you treat video files as 25p it should be fine

  • @luisnando , I tried using your setting but having card writing issue at AVCHD 1080i FSH. No writing issue with 720 SH. I'm using Sandisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s SDHC-1 8GB.

  • I observed that G3 has issues over 50M bitrate... So I use 45M as safe value... On 55M it sometimes freezes or give write errors...

  • I tried all settings but I still have this playback issue..when i playback in camera my 720 sh recordings are not`s ok to playback 1080 fsh..(all settings are ok to look at on the computer)

  • Yep, I confirm that @JOFO said, +55M produces freezes, BUT if you're not earning money from the work of that camera, above that (with my patch) I can get about 15 min considering that "heating effect". So in the second take, if the camera have already stopped, I can get more than 15 minutes.


  • compared to more expensive camcorders that records at about 30M, with G3 @ 45M you can achieve way better results that with eg. TM700 or other similar camcoder. So I'm happy with the patch & manual movie mode will be killer feature :)

  • @jofo, after several test with different patch, I found out that your patch works with no writing error even if I use a class 4 sdhc at 1080i. Using @luisnando patch peaks at 95mbps to 101mbps when recording at mjpg with no writing error. If it is working for mjpg to peak at those bitrates, what causes G3 to freeze when recording at avchd mode?

  • i think that its overheating issue and as H264 encoder is software based it has something to do with that... JPEG compression is less cpu intensive than H264. Maybe G3 can handle All-I H264 compression as it will store every single frame with no need to use motion estimation... It's only a guess and maybe i will try what will G3 do with All-I mode...

  • I used MEGUI to compress the video taken with G3 and the software could correctly identify the video as progressive after analysis. It then automatically disabled de-interlacing before it started to convert the video to mp4 (progressive).

  • Hey folks, there's a brand new *** NEW *** Driftwood Gala~X~ian V2 (with GH3 Matrix on AVCHD modes) *** setting for you by King Driftwood ! It can also be used for the G3. Let's give it a try !

  • I'm patching ringht now so let's see what can we do with new matrixes...

  • Should be ok with G3. But needs testing. In camera playback may be a problem though as the encoding is 'beyond' the internal decoder.

  • I installed the patch and do more test tomorrow.

  • I've got write error on 36M patch on my first recording. It on 95M SanDisk. I will play a bit with buffer settings and will see...

    Edit: my apologies, I didnt notice that I've used 172M bitrate test settings for adopting... Now patching with 48M patch with your GH3 matrixes...

  • After several tests with the new patch, no writing error occurred. And also, the average bitrate registered between 16Mbps to 41Mbps.

  • The new driftwood patch works without any problem. However, the average bit rate is only 32M, though the highest is about 90M.

  • I have a question. Isn't class 10 card enough for 48Mbps? A typical class-10 card supports 10MBps writing speed, which should be sufficient.

  • Finally hacked my G3 with my own hack based on my hack for GF2 that's loved by people:

    80 mbits, actual bitrate is 42 mbits - highest for reliable 4GB spanning. Quantizer 12 for the least image compression. GOP 6 for the best IQ and motion. GOP table for AQ.

    More details including sample here: