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what hack would you recommend for the - 32gb 45mbs card
  • Wow there is so much information out there I've been reading for hours and hours.. Currently my first hack is the Sedna A Q20 High Detail matrix - I am going out tmw to test it.

    Could anyone be so kind to tell me what types of hacks run good in this card and which hacks would you actually use... this will save me a lot of headaches since I will be able to narrow it down and test the few good patches.

    the card is the sandisk 32gb 45mb card.

    Appreciate the help... Remember that once you were also a newbie :). thanks.

    I am using the GH2

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  • Whatever setting you use, make sure to carefully read the descriptions. Often times the authors specify things that are likely to create problems.

    Sedna is one of the most detailed settings out there. How reliable it is depends on what modes you are shooting. SH mode is VERY demanding in it and runs a high risk of failure on detailed material.

    Two settings that have a high image quality to bitrate ratio (and are good about spanning) are No Adverse Affects and Sanity 5. If you want higher bitrates but with spanning and stablity in a lot of modes on that card, Flowmotion 2.02 is a good option.

    I have not tested that specific card as much as some of the others (my last one had the switch on the side break and I've been unable to jury-rig it back into working) but there are several other settings that would work well with it.

    If spanning is the most important aspect, I would suggest one of the 3 I already mentioned (or if you are mainly concerned with 24H mode, then either SMBU v1 or SMBU v2 are intra options). But if you find that Sedna works for you in terms of reliability, then I would keep using it. On that card I would suggest using Sedna Q20 C if you have any write speed errors with the other versions. Just remember: it is a more reasonable setting for 24H than it is for SH, where it has one of the highest average bitrates of any setting I have tested. If you want to get a sense for how demanding, you can read the short summary below but you get the idea already.

    In my testing of a stating scene at ISO 12,800 in 60P SH mode, Sedna Q20 A had an average bitrate of 91 mpbs (second only to Quantum v9c, which averaged 97 mpbs). At ISO 3,200 in 60P SH mode, in a sustained recording of stovve flames, packaging and heat distortion (just moderate detail) it average 87 mpbs (higher than any other setting, in 3 consecutive takes. Even Quantum v5 (which had a lower GOP) came in at 84 mpbs, with Quantum v9c all the way down to 68 mpbs avg.

  • Thank You soo much,, now I know what to test. I'll test the three you mention and post back!! thanks a lot.

    I was a little curios and shot a test using the Driftwood Cluster v7 'Apocalypse Now' - 6 GOP Nebula '444 Soft' matrix and although I got 1 minute without a problem and it looks good I know I probably should't be using this on my 45mbs card

  • @taipan You mainly want to watch out for spanning on that setting. If it spans the way you want, then it's a viable option with that card. I didn't mention it because spanning is less likely to work with that setting than some of the others.

    Btw, to test settings you want push the codec as much as you can during your normal shooting to get a sense for when the setting might stop working. Find the optimal aperture for your lens (f/5.6 and f/8.0 are often good) and get as much detail in the scene as you can (this is especially important for the Intra settings).

    Then try shooting with a lot of motion - which more important if you are shooting with a non-intra setting and less important with an intra one.

    Then try using the highest ISO you would normally shoot with. Remember that the codecs are generally MUCH less likely to have write errors on underexposed material, so try to get it properly exposed if you want to know your changes of getting a write speed error.

    If all of that works for you, and you are happy with how well the setting spans (check your card after you shoot to see if you get more than one 4GB file from a single take to find out) then your setting will likely handle your normal shooting even more reliably.

    Your card is good and should be able to handle a wide range of settings - it just won't span with some of the most demanding ones, etc.

  • @taipan i use exactly the same card you do. So far i did not have one single write error. Some settings dont span though.

    I have made very good experiences regarding spanning with: flowmotion, sanity, sedna q20 C. Another excellent setting you might want to look at is Valkyrie type zero2 C1.3. Sometimes it does span and sometimes not though. The apocalypse now settings are also not that reliable with spanning. Another excellent setting, visually and regarding spanning is cluster v6 nebula. The only shortcoming is it does not play back the files in camera most of the time (in detailed scenes) even after you reboot the camera.

  • The card is very good. driftwoods quantum 9b - very reliable, high bitrate (150mbit) all-intra- my favourite patch of all. no problem with this card. :)