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5DtoRGB or External Recording 25p
  • Hi everyone,

    Thanks for all the response to my last question on external recording.
    You have been great in helping me understand if it is viable to record 25p externally.

    My research has since uncovered other methods, and subsequently other questions.

    I've been thinking about HDMI output from the GH2, and conventional wisdom has it that the camera's output is good enough only for monitoring purposes. But there are some who argue that GH2's HDMI output is clean enough for recording, despite lingering red channel issues. Whichever way you compare it with MTS recording on SD cards, the images are invariably sharper and richer in detail.

    Considering this, which method then produces better footage: hacked 25p MTS then transcoded via 5DtoRGB to ProRes 422, or external recording via HDMI to ProRes 422?

    I am working in a 25p environment. Cheers

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  • HDMI recording has no advantages. All the hassle for same or worse quality. Get Driftwoods highest bitrate patch and, If you want to, use 5dtorgb, I can not even justify its use.

    I am working in Sony Vegas and I tested it- I think it does not bring improvements.