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conforming 24 to 25fps - which tool on a Mac?
  • Cinema tools is mostly recommended but I don't own FCP 7, just FCP X and Premiere CS6. Thanks for a recommendation.

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  • hi, after years of research, I found it and so far it has never bugged:

    best regards

  • If you just want to speed it up to 25fps: First export final lossless 24p master, import it in CS6, create new 25p sequence, interpret footage as 25p, lay it down on timeline and export as 25p. It will be faster, you speed it up for 60 frames per minute. You can edit your audio track separately and shorten it and re-sync it to avoid lowering the pitch, if slowing down becomes too audible in voices. For music and foley it's not too big of a deal.

  • Ah... This can be done in FCPX. There is now a conform choice in retiming menu.

    Make sure to create a new sequence or timeline or whatever you like in FCPX. Make it 25fps. The make sure to add a generator to the timeline first (otherwise the project settings will change to 24 when you drop in 24 material)

    Then when you drop in the material simply retime to 25.

    Easy! Al