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Help with GH2 30p in FCP
  • This seems like a very simple thing to understand, but try as I have I cannot find a clear answer. So I ask it here:

    Despite all my objections a client has insisted on shooting the GH2 in 30p, so I'm doing as told and want to make sure I have it down pat since I've only shot 1080p24 or 720p60 before. I set the mode to HBR NTSC and shot some test footage, but when I bring it into FCP (which is where the client will be editing the final project) and convert it to ProRes, it's 29.97 with Upper Fields. The footage I am to shoot is to be mixed with other footage all shot at 30p. Is the fix in FCP as simple as setting the fields of the individual converted prores files to none? Or should I do something with Cinema Tools to make the GH2 footage true 30p? I have tried to find this answer but to no avail.

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  • Has nobody had this problem? Or is it such an obvious fix?

  • HBR footage comes wrong tagged as interlaced out of GH2. Just interprete it as progressive.

    Is the other footage true 30p or 29.97?