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What to buy from US?
  • My sister is in US for a month and I'd like to get advantage of the situation.

    What you suggest to buy from there? I'm mainly interested about video shooting related stuff (I have GH2) and also computer parts. I'm European so there has to be some cool stuff you cannot get from here.

    If you know some good mega deals pages, please list them here. I already know these:

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  • You might want to check out the photo+video section of Craigslist(.com) for the area of the country she is in. These deals are usually in-person, so she should pick public places to meet.

  • Hmm. First check the laws how much she can bring with her and if she'll be asked to pay taxes (like VAT).

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev did that, €430 / person, but there is whole family travelling :)

  • @tonalt

    Hmm. Europe is fucked. As I remember we have something 10k EUR per person. And I remember talks to rise it.

  • Bring back about a thousand litres of petrol. It's really cheap in the US!!

  • Bring back some Habaneros and Jalapenos. Spice up your cooking.

  • At craigslist there seems to be used stuff with only marginal discount, what a bummer.

    Petrol would be great, thanks for idea!

    And we have chilis also here, you can get even naga morich from supermarket.

  • If it's tricky to carry, I bet you could freeze it, using those little ice-cube trays. You'd need a few thousand though.

  • I have found quite a few gems using craigslist...especially old lenses. And I never pay asking price...well, hardly ever! :-)

  • Being in LA, it's hard to find deals on Craigslist. I usually find better deals on Ebay amazingly enough!!

  • Be very careful about what you buy from Craigslist.