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EU: Unemployement improvements
  • Clashes have flared after Italian police dispersed a crowd of protesting Italian workers. Around 600 demonstrators gathered in Rome to pressure the government to re-open a recently closed aluminium plant in Sardinia.

    ­Police used extensive force to push back the workers, who were trying to enter the Ministry of Economic Development in Rome, where government officials were meeting with labor unions and executives from the firm Alcoa Inc.- who own the plant. Talks centred around trying to save jobs, but meanwhile an angry mob set off large firecrackers and threw missiles at police lines to make their message heard.

    Profit-losing US-based Alcoa, plans to shut down the factory by November unless a buyer is found. The only interested candidate, German hedge fund Aurelius, pulled out of negotiations with the Italian government in August


    As usual. Energy prices rised, aluminium prices not so (and aluminium price mostly consist from energy part).