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  • first of all, sorry for making a new thread about this same question floating here, but I just don't get it. i'm totally lost. I'm trying to get this workflow straight so I don't go nuts on this. I bet i'm not the only one on this.

    I just got the GH2 a week ago and been working with FCPX. I've been adding clips to the timeline with camera import, ok no issues. BUT, when I copied the .MTS files from the memory card (after that formatted it) for other shooting to a folder for later editing, shit hits the fan. I dragged them back to the memory card if it could read them for camera import, but it doesn't.

    Since they aren't readable anymore that way

    My question is;

    What is the best program to convert .MTS to Proress and don't loose any image quality since MPEG streamclip doesn't support MTS files.

    I tried 5dtoRGB, but it only converts one file at a time? kinda bananas. I also noticed that when I import the converted 5dtoRBG (24H flow motion 2.02) file to FCPX it somehow jerks a bit, how come?

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  • try ClipWrap

  • buy 5DtoRGB batch from Mac App Store. Same price als ClipWrap but more variations possible. Cant confirm jerking.

  • While I also use Clipwrap and 5dtoRGB (the latter is likely better), you can still use only FCPX if IQ isn't a huge issue. Simply copy the entire Private folder from the card to your hard drive, then import from there with FCPX. There should never be a reason to copy the individual .MTS files. Under the latest OSX version, the Private folder will be treated as a single archive, which you can defeat by renaming it to something else.

    Many times I have found problems with FCPX when trying to import GH2 footage direct from a card. Never do this -- copy the folder first to your hard drive, then import from there, or use a different tool (like Clipwrap.)

  • @ahbleza -Simply copy the entire Private folder from the card to your hard drive, then import from there with FCPX. There should never be a reason to copy the individual .MTS files.

    Thanks buddy! You saved me!

    Now i'm almost 100% happy with the GH2. The last problem is I get this flickering issue shooting on Cinema 24p. it's very annoying. I get this in every light conditions on 1/50 shutter speed. It's not a crazy wave flickering going nuts, (like switching to 1/40th or 1/60th) but you can see it on the LCD and on edit. Did some test and it doesn't appear on Manual Movie Mode or High Bit Rate mode, only on Cinema 24p. Been using Flow motion and Driftwood patches. Shooting in Europe. Never had this issue on my 7d.

    Any ideas how to get rid of it or is something funky going on with this GH2? what am I missing?

  • it doesn't appear on Manual Movie Mode

    ??? don't you shoot on manual mode ???

    what am I missing?

    going thru some tutorials

  • @peaceonearth

    talking about the creative movie modes, 24p CINEMA.

    Video Bitrate 24H This setting changes the bitrate of 1080/24p video on the camera. Creative Movie Mode with Cinema 24p mode must selected and the in-camera REC QUALITY option set to 24H.

    Adjusts the bitrate and auto-quantizer for the AVCHD movie mode resulting in increased image quality especially for Cinema 24p mode (1080/24p)

    Filmmakers should shoot in Creative Movie Mode on the GH2. Turn the top dial to the movie camera symbol with an M alongside it. (Do not use the standard ‘M’ mode for stills since you cannot record in cinematic 24p with that mode).

  • Just in case, my workflow is:

    1) Rewrap MTS (on SD) to M4V (on HD) using Remux

    2) Import and transcode in FCPX

  • @Courier : why don't you import directly from your HD to FNPX ? Why do you rewrap the MTS first ?

  • "AVCCAM Restorer"

    Panasonics app that lets you recreate Private folder and it's structure from Individual MTS files already copied to hdd.

    So, if you have not copied entire PRIVATE folder just MTS files, there is a way to make it usable for FCP again.

    PRIVATE folder (and subfolders) is actually the container for AVCHD format. That's the reason why it is so annoying.