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Windows 8 expiriences and rants
  • Im using right now Windows 8 64bit release preview Build:8400.

    The operating system is very fast in the instalation process, also the boot time. The new interface is a little bit misleading at the begining, but when you actually get over it you understad something like this:

    Metro is host, and everything else is applications, just like regular Explorer in windows xp vista or win 7, but in this case Desktop for example is app not an user interface, wich can run apps until a limit, and give you the sense of being in windows but you are in metro, that handdles everithing in a macro level, you mail acounts, facebook acount, videos, cloud drive, everithing is now between your ID and what microsoft can get from it. Aplications like premiere runs free outside the desktop, but can be seen in desktop as regular but is only an ilution. Its seems like they have learned from Facebook that user is willing to give info in exchage of access.

    Ive noticed that the video playback not only is natively more smooth, but also i dont know how to tell but the detail is better, my eye has memory of my own video shots, and they look much crisper in win 8, 1080p is more detailed in the same monitor while using same codecs, metro is doing something better with the hardware it has. The OS is very fast, and flows easy, even though glitches are evident, they come to ocurre in very wired ways. Its evident how they have done the OS to take multiple plataforms in acount, and multiple tasks. They take virtualization aproach very sirius and so dont expect any perfect scenario.

    As premiere, CS5.5 runs smooth, but havent try hours editing yet.

    The overral feeling is rapid response, low use of memory and the feeling of being not in deep control for advance users as previous versions.

    Edit: Also the color space seem to be better handle, since i see more Dynamic range in some shoot i thought where crushed. Its strage, really. (As making this edit the Os crushed 2 times while running CPU-Z.)

    System specs: Core i5 2500k at 4.3ghz 16gb Ram at 1333 1TB HDD capacity at 7200rpm as main drive Gforce GTX560 1024mb DDR5 Asus p67 deluxe

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  • I dont like it to be honest. I also prefer win7 64bit. IT IS MORE STABLE.

    I had an internet conection failure yesterday, and had to wait too much time for reconection, and a friend passed by with this Win 8 version. I try it mainly cos i had to format my windows. (allready getting chunky) so i end up using this, and im kind of mixed bad impressions, but later today im getting the win 7 again from scratch. All runs there, and is simple, it is stable, only my overcloking trend too interupt its harmony lols.

  • With every single release of Windows (except "Windows ME," I think) I could disable Microsoft's bright new ideas and return the interface to something similar to Windows 95 -- exactly what my current 64 bit Windows 7 resembles.

    Does anyone know if you'll be able to disable Microsoft's bright new ideas for "Metro" and have the interface similar to traditional Windows operating systems?

    In other words -- if I need to be "trained" to use an operating system -- Microsoft has already screwed up.

    As far as discovering new dynamic range -- this means you need to have your monitor calibrated.

  • @subco @onionbrain @endotoxic

    I'm running Windows 8 RTM (9200) and it is incredibly snappy and fast. Better than Windows 7 by a long way. Bloatware I hear you cry! Well, actually, it takes time and many releases to trim lines of code and make things run smoother and leaner. This version of Windows is lean and very well optimised.

    Don't judge Windows 8 by any of the CP or RPs (which is what the OP @endotoxic is referring to). This is stable. It's more secure and it's just all around better. Even Internet Explorer 10 is a heap better than any other previous incarnations, and also speedy. Yes, RP felt a bit buggy and latent.

    Interface wise, yes it might take a little while getting used to. Still, compared to using Premiere or AE, it's like putting the circle shape through the circular hole. You'll be using your windows key quite a bit more, but that's about it. In the world of technology, being regimented does you little favours. Adjusting your brain and learning patterns to be able to navigate fluid interfaces is a good skill to have.

    About the UI using many resources, it really doesn't, and what it does use is from the GPU, which is designed for it. It makes sense to run a modern OS that takes advantage of the modern hardware it sits on, cleanly and efficiently.

    So it's a great OS, as was Windows 7, and the last few releases of OSX.

  • @LPowell

    Nice article. More alarming than funny. I don't want my cell phone to operate like my desktop, and I don't want my desktop to resemble a cell phone.

    The issue is that I've seen this dog and pony show before. Since Windows 3.0 Microsoft has been under the illusion that people turn on their computer to use Windows. In my entire life -- I've never once turned on my computer to use Windows. I turn on the computer to do things -- and a truly successful operating system is one that I don't even know exists -- one that I never need to stop and think about.

    Either this will be another Windows "ME" or "VISTA" exercise and Microsoft will do a course correction -- or it's an opportunity for a new business to step in and replace Microsoft.

    And -- if Microsoft lives in some fantasy world in which I'm going to log in to a "Windows Store" to buy crap to enhance Windows -- they're dead. Sell your Microsoft stock -- now.

  • @onionbrain - You are pretty solidly in the minority on a number of those points and you also seem very angry that a company has chosen to modify a user interface. You might want to relax a bit - have some tea or something.

  • @eatstoomuchjam

    Aren't you on a high horse. Does it make you feel important to be indignant about something?

    Am I in the minority? Come back to my comment a month or two after the public release and tell me about it.

  • @onionbrain

    Why is it that any time another user calls you out on something or disagrees on some of your points you always have to jump down their throat? You add a lot to the forum and you film a beautiful sunrise, but that doesn't give you the right to be a jerk.

  • Guys, please calm down.

    Yep, it is flame inducing topic, but keep calm.