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Tilta professional rigs, cages, FF
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    Dan Chung made small overview of their stuff at BIRTV.

    Let me know if something of this is interesting to you.

    600 x 373 - 87K
    800 x 643 - 55K
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  • Thanks for sharing. The new rig for FS700 looks really nice too!! The price though, a bit on the high side.

  • That wireless follow focus - I'm still trying to built my own, but I would rather by one for a reasonable price.

  • BMCC related cages and stuff











    Advanced Shoulder



    770 x 513 - 49K
    768 x 518 - 53K
    768 x 516 - 55K
    725 x 594 - 61K
    800 x 495 - 51K
    795 x 526 - 87K
    800 x 465 - 51K
    800 x 640 - 73K
    706 x 442 - 47K
    715 x 861 - 82K
    632 x 445 - 36K
  • I have a Tilta shoulder mount for my FS100. I swear by it. Sold craftsmanship.

  • Thanks vitaly for including this brands in deals.

  • I don't see the prices for the Tilta BMCC basic/advanced/advanced shoulder rigs, am I looking in the wrong place?

  • I don't see the prices for the Tilta BMCC basic/advanced/advanced shoulder rigs, am I looking in the wrong place?

    Yep, it is discussion topic.

    Send me PM.

  • I have the tilta cage for my BMCC and it is dead sexy. I only wish it came with the offset blue things in the schematic photo. My fingers have issues getting the sdi off the camera, due to the ever slight clearance.

  • @rockroadpix

    Which setup do you have?

  • I guess it's the standard. I already had a Mattebox and FF.

  • Just received my BMCC Basic Tilta Rig! Paid on 26 August and received 2 September, so pretty quick! Looking to see if I can get it to mount the Tilta Shoulder mount - no assembly instructions so a bit of guesswork...

  • Reposting from the bmpc topic.

    The Tilta MBPC cage arrived today. First impressions. Great cage. Well thought out. The package included a HDMI lock, which I don't recall seeing in the listing. Sweet! The build is super solid. The quick release on the riser is well made and easy to operate. The handle in front of the bmpc is nice with the wood wrapping around. The top handle also has some nice wood accents which will help hold a hand grip. One note on the top handle, I wish it had a quick release. If only for storage purposes. Also wish the HDMI lock was on a quick release, but it's a small price to pay.

    I don't know how much the kit with the bmpc weighs. I weighed it on my scale and it didn't even register!! I put on the matte box, FF, Small HD DP4, tilta vmount and 1800mha battery. That weighed 7 pounds.

    "There is a camera in there" pics and unboxing video to follow.

  • So here are some photos. Sorry for the grainy quality. No time to photograph during the day.

    So a couple things to note.

    1. Until you attach a tripod plate, the rig is unstable. This is bc the bmpc's handle is to the right of the mounting points on the riser. Not centered.

    2. Be careful with the risers lock. Its easy to engage when the camera is off the riser. Try to attach it then and you have a wtf moment, thinking maybe you're attaching them wrong.

    3. The HDMI lock is micro to full size, so make sure you have a full size HDMI cable to go to your monitor. I had to steal mine from my PS3.

    4. No video of it, but the riser is the proper height for matte boxes. Seems obvious, but you never know.

    All in all I'd have to say this is the best rig for the money. I haven't played with the other rigs available, but from the looks of it the TILTA wins. HDMI lock, handle, quick release on riser (why I didn't go Viewfactor)... Just a solid piece for the money.

    Unboxing and assembly:

    2592 x 1936 - 1M
    2592 x 1936 - 2M
    2592 x 1936 - 2M
    1936 x 2592 - 2M
  • One additional thing to note about the Tilta bmpc rig... The HDMI lock blocks clean access to the power port on the bmpc. The charging cable that comes with the bmpc can't squeeze by. I had already ordered the switronix Dtap to bmpc cable and the cable had a right angle adapter and luckily that works no problem.

  • I ordered the Tilta BMPCC Rig from the Black Friday deals and now I had some time to test it out.

    Really a great little rig and well worth the money. Very lightweight and manufacturing quality is top notch (and it's damn sexy ;).

    Riser height is dead on for the Tilta MB-T05 Mattebox, quick release sits tight and is easy to reach. The only wish I'd have would be that you could attach the top handle to more positions,either left/right too, to compensate a little for the weight of a FF (maybe like the handle on the Movcam BMPCC rig) on low shots.

    Until now I (privatly) only had used Rigs from Lanparte/Gini and the Tilta stuff is just another league.

  • @markus_b Would you say it's possible to attach an offset shoulder pad on the back of the rods and handles to the front to make it a usable shoulder rig?

  • @MaulKentor of course. The kit comes with 15mm rods. They are not very long. I actually pack them full with handles, a shoulder mount, a smallhd dp4 and a vmount battery system - without using an offset. You need a external monitor to really use the bmpcc anyways so offsetting isn't an issue. I will say that with all that gear on those rods, it's a little cramped. I have 24 inch rods that help space it all out, but in a pinch the rods that come with the kit are fine.

  • Nice rig....

  • I got it here from Vitaliy's deals and it's a fine piece, very well thought out and made.