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Short Film Projects Tech.
  • Please bare with me as i'm not too technically proficient...

    I need some help...I want to shoot 3-4 Short Films with my newly purchased Panasonic GH2 and I am constantly amazed at the results that the hacks produced through this forum have reached.

    I need a little guidance as to which patch is best for me and how I can apply the hacks to my camera?

    I want as close to a standard Motion Picture look as I can get (without sounding patronising). I know a lot is in the colour grading but if I could be able to shoot raw footage that complements skin tones, looks perfectly clear and sharp and shoots at 24fps with a beautiful rendering close to any "Hollywood," standard footage for Short Film Drama use produces then i'd be an extremely happy filmmaker.

    Continue the good work guys and gals it's all looking brilliant!

    Viva the GH2 Revolution! :)

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  • Check out the FAQ for technical details on applying patches. And there already exists a nice newbie topic here somewhere, where people can ask questions like this. I advice you to check that out ;)

    You'll never be able to shoot RAW with a GH2, by the way. It uses an AVCHD codec.