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First Broadcast Gig - Need Help
  • Hey all,

    Just today I got offered my first ever broadcast gig which consists of a 28 minute infomercial. It's pretty involved with graphics, multiple locations, lots of b-roll, cut in segments, etc. Never done a broadcast gig before, so what tips would you guys give as far as everything. Would you guys shoot in 24p and use a process to get it to 29.97 or shoot straight up 60i or 30p? Feeling kinda like a noob with this stuff, done plenty of fairly big gigs, just never anything to be distributed on TV. Let me know if you guys have any tips or tricks.

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    1. I would shoot at the native frame rate it's being broadcast at.

    2. I would go to a post house for finishing both vision and audio. There'll be professionals there who are both creative, and trained to deal with broadcast delivery requirements.

    my 02

  • Yep, I'm with @mrbill on this one.

    Sounds very involved for a 1st gig. I take it you've got DP responsibilities. I'd also get lots of advice about the in-house conventions by looking at previous jobs' rushes and how they were logged, shot-listed and delivered to post with instructions.

    Make the most of this break you're getting! :-)