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Sennheiser HD-600
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    You can make yourself a present, HD600 for $208 :-)

    They are refurbished, but are absolutely as new. I see no difference.

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  • The HD 600 is an excellent set of headphones. They pop up on eBay every now and then for ~$200. We use these and the 580s in our studio. The HD 600 is slightly cooler than the 580s, but there is no real difference in detail. Both sets benefit amazingly enough from a cheap upgrade, which is simply to replace the cable with the latest $12 part from Sennheiser (it fits both sets) or a custom cable. I find the Sennheiser part more than sufficient, the original cable was just too thin; the latest sets may have this cable already. This of course is an "open" set, comfortable and airy but you will hear ambient sounds.

  • They pop up on eBay every now and then for ~$200.

    Yep, but only as used in unknown state and usually in auctions. Here it is price for really new headphones.

    As for cable, yep it is shitty.
    Any Takstars I have looks like more costly headphones near them, and all have better cables :-)

    As for details, HD600 lack some upper midrange, combined with small boost starting at lower midrange and good hights, it makes certain character. I am not very big fan of it. Like more forward phones.

  • That is a great deal. We also used Sennheisers in our studio. It's an amazing thing how prices have dropped over time. I have to wear headphones for extraordinary long time periods and the more laid back character of the Senns is very conducive to less ear fatigue for me. Just works out in that instance.