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Contax, Carl Zeiss G series
  • Hello fellow personal viewers,

    I've got a question, do the fellow filmmakers here have any experience with the G series of Carl Zeiss (Contax Yashica - mount)

    I've been working with the normal Contax Carl zeiss series for over a 2 years.

    And i was wondering if anyone here ownes any of these G lenses and have any test samples, or comparing samples vs other lenses!


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  • The thing with Contax G lenses is that you actually focus them through the adapter. They are autofocus lenses, but the adapters can focus them. This makes them in theory bad for follow focus work... But this guy had a good solution, putting the gear on the adapter:

    Which isn't too bad: You never have to reset the follow focus between lens changes. The lenses do lack a focus scale, but if one has patience, you could mark it up on disks anyway and you could have a pretty good system. The lenses themselves are top-notch, the 50 is apparently the sharpest lens Zeiss has ever built.

  • I've been aware that the 50 is one of the best, I've been using the normal Contax series for over 2 years and their my favorite lenses (since i can't afford 35mm PL series ;))

    I've seen Andrew from EOS using the G Series, so i was wondering if it is usable, Anyone on the forums here have them? And any experience with em? samples perhaps ?