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Pulling Focus while Operating a Steadicam
  • So i've been wondering, what is the best way to pull focus while flying a steadicam? I have a blackbird, but when flying a non-autofocus lens it becomes very tough to pull focus without interrupting the steadicam. I recently got burned on a music video shoot by trying to use my Panny 14-140 on autofocus, and even with the face detection mode on, it was horribly slow and inaccurate, and lots of the scene was very out of focus. I realize there are lenses such as the olympus 12mm which have very fast autofocus, but not sure what is the best way to go when using a manual focus while flying a cam. Do you guys just use a follow focus and very carefully pull focus?


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  • In a nutshell, use a wide angle lens and narrow aperture and lock focus. I use Panny 14mm pancake with or without wide adapter

  • The Olympus isn't that fast, but it does work, sometimes.... when it feels like it.

  • Yeah i think stopping down like rambo said is the way to go. Its tough though because sometimes there are just situations where you really can't.. Like on the shoot where I uwas using my blackbird and the 14-140, it was a sunset scene on a bridge, and I really needed as much light as possible, so I had to be at f4 on the 14-140.

  • The best way to get focus while filming with a steady cam is a remote FF. You can do it cable bound but best option would be all wireless.

    I'm working on that problem at the moment ( ).