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Ester Foam
  • Hi, All! Last night I decided to spring for a Pelican Storm iM2500 case for my camera gear, as the small case I have now is overflowing. I bought the case new on Ebay without foam because I have a hatred deep in my soul for Pick and Pluck foam. In my experience, Pick and Pluck just doesn't hold up over time.

    This had me spending over an hour scouring the internet for non Pick and Pluck ester foam at a reasonable price. Here is the best reliable source that I found (and purchased through).

    It may look just as expensive at first glance, but the 1" thick sheet I bought for $43 ($55 with shipping) is a very large 54"x72", which when cut to my case size will give me nine 1" thick layers.

    Just thought I'd share and open some discussion on foam, cutting foam, types of foam, etc.

    Ester foam is important in a case for electronics because it is anti static. The "plank" foam they sell is not necessarily non static, but it is much more dense. It'd be great for storing larger, heavier items like a slider, tripod or rig.

    As a side note, Which do you prefer? regular Pelican or Pelican Storm case? I personally like the Storm cases for their sturdier and more sensibly designed retractable handle as well as for their large push-button latches that don't break your fingers every time you open the case.

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  • Pelican cases ere - of varying colours just to confuse me - pick n pluck foam seems to work well, and use their bake-able desiccator for damp proofing to keep the dreaded mould off the glass. Think my Nike's produce more static than anything else I've noticed so Eprom wiping isn't in the forefront of me mind!