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    Interesting things happen on TV market. Your TV will very soon become full function computer.
    They are all already computers running some variant of Linux.
    But all this SmartTV thing will quickly change as LSI used will be much more powerful (in their ARM cores part). Btw, thing on photo already has dual ARM cores and four core GPU (same as New iPad :-)

    3D is no longer premium function. You can get it for very cheap, and local brands now started offering 3D sets (good sign that it'll be standard function soon).

    Same previously happened to USB content playback (now standard function of all main brands). And to wired LAN (also moved to many entry models).

    Now, middle level TV must have not only 3D, but also very good SmartTV functions, some advanced remote with voice recognition, build in WiFi and few other things.

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  • LG has announced its new 27-inch television, the TM2792 Personal Smart TV ahead of IFA in Berlin.

    The new TM2792 allows users to enjoy a vast array of innovative features including LG Smart TV functionality, CINEMA 3D and CINEMA SCREEN Design, while providing amazing picture quality with IPS technology says LG.

    The 27-inch Full HD IPS screen TV will come with a number of the company's technologies including SmartShare that allows users to browse and share files with laptops, smartphones and external hard drives via screen sharing with Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL) and Intel’s Wireless Display (WiDi).


    Btw, LG already have widely available full hd IPS based 3D monitors with TV tuners integrated.

    As well as cheap 32" IPS 3D TV sets that play fine as computer monitors (all of them have same 10 point ISF calibration).

  • Why do I need a computer in my TV when I can hook my laptop up to it wirelessly?

  • Already doing sharing with Viera 3D Smart TV - wifi/USB.

  • I have a Samsung 3D Smart TV, but I find the smart functionality really sucks. It's slow, it's buggy and unresponsive, and their secondary market is dysfunctional (they can't get Amazon video streaming to work).

    Therefore, I decide that my future for a Smart TV is this:

    It has Android, HDMI out, Wi-Fi, a Bluetooth keyboard, and USB for a camera for Skype.

  • @ahbleza

    May be you don't know, but Chinese are producing such things cheaper and in wast amounts.

    Very soon they'll have RK3066 inside, right now best one use AM double core as I remember.

  • Considering Smart. It is good to understand that why they call all this "Smart TV" inside all the TVs are wastly different. Usually more or less good Smart TV implementation is in newest and top TV models.

    Why do I need a computer in my TV when I can hook my laptop up to it wirelessly?

    This thing became computer quite long ago. So, it cost really nothing to add some other functions.

    Let,s view on most popular thing amoung all this Smart TV - Skype video chat. Who uses it? I can tell you - usually it is some aged parents or children. It is simple, hard to break thing if implemented properly.

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    Two new LG monitors, one with 2560 x 1080 and other with 2560 x 1440.