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Anamorphics For Sale - Sunday Only - Cheap!
  • I could really use some quick cash for an upcoming trip, so these two adapters are heavily discounted, only $199 each.

    1) Sankor Compact Anamorphic - A 2x lens, focus scale marked 5' to Infinity with about 270 degree rotation. Glass is pristine, body is in great shape minus a scratch in the paint, mechanics seem in good order, though there is a small bump when you first start rotating the focus ring, like a hiccup... pretty small, but still there, could just be a loose screw or something. Will likely need a clamp to mount, unless you feel like drilling holes through the overhang of the lens barrel. Asking $199 + shipping.

    2) Delft (Delrama) Vistascope - A 1.5X focus through comprised of a pair of mirrored prisms. They were tarnished, so I just had them sent off and re-silvered, should now be a factory fresh image. This is the rarer and easier to work with 16mm version (Marked "16mm f=600cm"). Body is in decent shape for a lens of it's age, there's definitely some paint wear and scratches. Glass is clean and clear. Comes with a series VI to 49mm step up ring as well as a 49-52mm step up ring. Only one caveat, at the moment I can't find the four screws to reassemble the body. Shouldn't be hard taking it to any hardware or camera repair shop to find the match, but I probably won't get to it for awhile, so I'm dropping the price $50 to compensate. Asking $199 + shipping.

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  • Where are they located? The Delrama sounds interesting, how's the picture quality of it? Guessing diopter's are needed?

  • Ships from Austin, Texas. Not sure about the diopters, I haven't properly shot with it yet, I'll try to have a go tomorrow and get some footage if I can find the time.

  • Sankor Compact Anamorphic Pics.

    1333 x 2000 - 1010K
    2000 x 1333 - 793K
    2000 x 1321 - 776K
  • Delrama Vistascope pics.

    2000 x 1285 - 784K
    2000 x 1324 - 786K
    2000 x 1333 - 733K
  • Where did you re-silver the prisms? I have also 2 of these lenses (one 8mm one 16mm)

  • Also interested in where youhad resilvered, I have an 8mm and a 16mm, both Delft .. the 16 is close to pristine the 8 needs resilvering

  • I sent them to New York, a place called Walter's Mirrors I believe.

  • The Delrama are nice i think. They give you a sort of vintage feel to the image. But it must be said that you need to stop down a lot (to F8 at least) to get a moderately sharp image. At least that's my experience. Good thing is that once you get the sharpness ok-ish, you can pull rack-focus. It isn't a stellar solution, but for the price one shouldn't expect an Isco either. I haven't tried diopters, so those might improve the quality even, i wouldn't know. I have both types, and i think the 8mm is as good as the 16mm. If you want i can check the diameter and length of the screws.

  • That would be awesome johnnym, I'm going to give one more search, then try to replace them this weekend if they don't turn up. Thanks for the insight on the lens, I haven't gotten to really shoot with it myself.

  • I'll see if i can find some pics. I think the little lens has a lot of character. Let me know if you need the size of the screws. And if you know where you bought those step rings for the Delrama, i'd be interested. I never found any.

  • I thought this might be of interest

    406 x 248 - 24K
  • Yes, Johnnym, the screw sizes would definitely be helpful. As for the step up, that was a lucky find on ebay after a lot of searching. Not too common size these days.

  • I think the proper description of the screw is M1x0.2x1 meaning that the screw itself is 1mm, has 5 threads or a thread pitch of 0.2mm and is 1mm long. The head itself is also 1mm long and has a 4mm diameter at the top (which becomes smaller gradually towards the thread which has a 1mm diameter) I'm sorry the measuring is metric, but i have nothing else.

  • Price drop of $75 on both of them... I'm really busy and not going to be able to get footage up soon, but am motivated to move these as I just don't use them. $325 for the Sankor Compact and $275 for the Vistascope.

  • Updated, my Panasonic LA 7200 is up for sale too now, pictures coming soon.

  • @BobbyMcDonald sent you PM re LA 7200.

  • LA 7200 Sold, sorry if I haven't gotten back to you personally yet if you PM'ed me.

  • Big ol' price drop... $199 each.

  • @BobbyMcDonald .. with the vistascope, does the smaller prism have all four of the tiny glass shims attached?

  • Also @BobbyMcDonald where did you get the mirrors resilvered?

  • @kavadni I'm not exactly sure what you mean by the glass shims, but the prisms were resilvered in NY at Walter's Mirror.

  • @BobbyMcDonald .. on the smaller prism, there should be in each corner of the surface that mates with the larger xtal, four small shim pieces of glass .. they are <0.5mm thick.

    They are glued .. they ensure thar the two xtals do not touch and that they are aligned correctly. You can see them in the corners when you look in the front, I can not see them in your picture.

    I speculate that in manufacture they were glued to the xtal, and then aligned (with a chart?) the two screws that hold the small xtal in place would then have been tightened while the glue was wet. It was the olden day equivalent of silicone .. I guess.

    It is the air gap between the two xtals, that causes the tiny amount of CA that these lenses have.

    One of my 8mm has only three, and it's really hard to put together without the glass touching.

    Also, do you still have the internal spring, and the two screws that hold the small rear xtal in place?