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Cheap tripod and fluid movements under 100 $
  • Anyone coulds uggest a cheap tripod under 100$ with fluid movements? to use with my GH2? Lately I am shooting on long lens with a 4:3 ratio, so I have to make a lots of movements on the horizontal axis to follow my actors..

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  • I suggest to check category and use existing topic, as I see at least 3 similar topics.

    And $100 is too much, I think. 717 used tripod will be about $140-160.

  • Thanks Vitaliy I will search better in the forum...

  • I think for this price... Nothing. I have a Manfrotto 701HDV head cost 145€ and it´s a challenge to make pans, other on this forum say that this head is the minimum to get something decent; with a long lens it´s even more difficult counterbalance etc. If you want save money I suggest a monopod look at the special deals..

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