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SteadiCam Smoothee GF2-14mm+Panny wide -UPDATE Video with "GH2"
  • I further modified my Smoothee to where I'm happy with the performance now. As it's very lightweight, there's still an issue with windy days, but for some specific shots I'm really happy that I can chuck this little baby in a carry-on bag or backpack.

    Sorry about the audio, my phone rang during the shoot.

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  • Very nice. It looks like $10,000 setup :)

  • Looks great! Can you show us a photo of this rig... maybe a couple from different angles? Thanks in advance.

  • wow! nice house too!

  • Don't be so optimistic. I am sure @Rambo will be able to make same footage if you give him camera with 100mm lens, rock and do it during huge earthquake.

  • Great job and looks great! Are you using the standard Pany WAC you can get from B&H?

  • It's a simple addition of extra weight on a pivot similar to what others have done. But the trick is getting a perfectly balance setup to eliminate the side to side tilt you see on rigs like this, it has to be balanced so there is a slow drop time from 90 degrees to vertical with NO over-swing pendulum at the bottom, it just stops dead. The gymbal on the SteadiCam Smoothee is identical to the SteadiCam Merlin2 and being lighter makes for even less friction. Setup like this, my full operating concentration is on eliminating rotation horizontally by anticipating the direction it will try to rotate when I make speed changes or turn corners by countering in the opposite direction. This way i don't need to guide it with an extra hand or touch the gymbal collar with my fingers and cause tilts (only the handle is held).

    On big heavy rigs you can guide the rotation with the other hand, i believe on small rigs you shouldn't because they are sensitive to touch due to low mass. ""YMMV""

    image image

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  • @vicharris, yes Panny DMW-GWC1

  • @Rambo why did you bend the washers?

  • @peternap, they are roofing washers, came that way. I have flat ones to replace with when i drill out the holes larger.

  • Shortly after I got my Smoothee I saw a similar mod but it was longer and looked awkward, so I didn't try it. I think I'll do it today using yours a a guide. It'd be nice to use it for the GP's ar the GH's.

  • @Rambo can I see a close up of how you stop the hardware at bottom of plastic from slipping? I drilled my hole too large and my coupler rotates too much. Did you use a rubber washer or grip tape? My setup is much less compact than yours. Good job

  • @Rambo Nice work! :-) I like your modification.

  • @dandof, the extension is meant to be adjustable sideways to balance/level the rig in addition to the adjustable stage under the camera. The wing nut secures it. Also it swings into the main rig for transportation. It's best not to have the extension too long or too far away from under the gymbal. Ideally with these small rigs, camera, gymbal and bottom weight should be aligned vertically or close enough.

    I can balance this rig perfectly in under a minute with the GF2 or GoPro, not tried the GH2 yet.

  • Could it handle the gh2 + 45mm f1.8 or 12mm f1.6, plus variable ND?

  • @dandorf, we will soon know, I'm about to try GH2 and Olympus 45mm f1.8, but it's not a lens I would use often on a stabilizer, 20mm pancake is about as far as I would go. I have used the GH2 and 14-140 with OIS on though set at 14mm.

  • Can the SteadiCam Smoothee handle the GH2 weight?? ..Sure can.

    SteadiCam Smoothee with GH2 this time. LPowell Flowmotion Patch, 24p at 1/50 with Panasonic 14mm pancake and Panasonic DMW-GWC1 wide angle adapter. No post work other than 1080>720 export out of Sony Vegas to Vimeo.

  • @Rambo Pretty nice!

  • I also tested the Olympus 45mm f1.8 as asked, but while i could get it steady, the 90mm FF equivalent view just looks all wrong. Fun pushing the limits though ... Lol.