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Manfrotto MH055M8 Fluid Video/Photo Head
  • Still using my old Bogen/Manfrotto 3130 Head and as I have a rig on the way, I am realizing I am going to need some counter balance. Love my 3130 - smooth and portable, though been looking at the 502HD and the MH055. I like that the MH055 can handle up to 15 pounds (7kg), has 3-axis adjustment (for stills) and weighs just over a kilo (same as my 3130). The 502 only supports up to 8.8 pounds (roughly 4kg) and weighs a bit more. Granted the MH055 costs about $60 more, is there any reason the 502HD would be better? One feature I am not thrilled about on the MH055 is that you need to use a coin to adjust the pan handle angle - could probably swap it to a thumb screw, though. Looking at this video (specifically at 4:36), the counter balance setup looks pretty easy (and effective):

    Anyone using this hybrid head?