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Canon 100mm f2.0 FD for sale
  • I have a Canon FD 100mm f2.0 for sale. Everything about the lens in near perfect except for the front element which has a very subtle bit of fungus. I have had this lens for over 3 years and I can tell you the fungus has not grown in that time, if anything, it appears to be less visible than when I first purchased it. The focus ring is smooth and the aperture ring is nice a snappy.

    Have used this for both photos and videos on the GH1 and GH2 with gorgeous results!

    I use this with the Canon BT-52 lens hood (designed specifically for this lens) and get nice contrasty images (even without it). Here are two sample images taken at f2 without the hood (option to view the originals in full res):

    I did some tests taking photos with the lens with a macro extension tube attached at various apertures just to see if I could get any sign of image degradation to show up because of the fungus: and at the closest focusing distance with macro tube: You can be the judge.

    Took it to a couple camera shops that do lens repairs and they said being that it is only on the front element and all the others look flawless, that I should not worry about it as it will have little to no affect of image quality.

    Anyways, I love this lens, I just need to cut back my lens collection since I travel and move a lot. Offer me a fair price and I will include a brand new BT-52 lens hood.

    Would prefer to ship within the US, though will ship internationally. Paypal accepted.

    Might go to eBay, though figured I would offer it here first.

    Also, have a couple other fast lenses on eBay currently with bidding starting at just $1:

    100mm 2.jpg
    1752 x 2336 - 407K
    100mm 1.jpg
    2336 x 1752 - 382K
    100mm 3.jpg
    1489 x 1475 - 263K
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  • Any suggestions for what a fair price to ask is? See them selling every now and again on ebay for between $600 and $700 in nice condition. So figure I need to ask significantly less than that.