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DVANZ cage for GH2 and GH1
  • Hello,

    Here is some info about a new cage. Similar to Rewo and Gini cage.

    I have just had built a GH2 cage with the help of the engineer from Panavision New Zealand. I have made 1 of version 1 (that had a hotshoe mount) and improved it to version 2 which I have made 4 of. Im keeping 2 but have 2 to sell. I have made a few products before, one of which was the PIX240 Video Assist Bracket by DVANZ. I have sold all 40 of them. See

    If people are interested in a DVANZ GH2 cage, Version 2, then you can purchase these from me. They are flatpack, include the top handle and the Hoga right angle audio adapter. If I get more interest I can make some more. I just got sick of waiting for the Rewo cage so I built my own. To recover costs, im asking for US$400 per cage plus $40 shipping, payable via Paypal. If someone wanted 2, then shipping would be $60.

    I hope you like the cage. 2 rubber strips at the base and 4 rubber recessed points that hold the camera very stable. Annodised alloy with 1/4" threads everywhere and 2 x 3/8" on top too.



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  • Here is some pictures of the DVANZ GH2 camera cage

    gh2 cage 6.jpg
    945 x 557 - 45K
    gh2 cage 5.jpg
    984 x 512 - 107K
    gh2 cage 4.jpg
    726 x 537 - 42K
    gh2 cage 3.jpg
    622 x 553 - 49K
    gh2 cage 2.jpg
    958 x 532 - 51K
    gh2 cage 1.jpg
    1088 x 585 - 46K
  • It's appealing, as is the Gini cage. Before I would consider it .. there needs to be a railblock that attached to a tripod or quick release and to the cage, and positions the optical center 85mm from the rails. The rewo cage when I looked had pictures of this.

    I also suggest attach at the hotshoe to top of cage attachment as well.

  • @DVANZ, Is this cage adaptable for a GH1? Will you provide a hotshoe adapter to secure the top of the GH to the Cage? I think that would be a fair addition to make the product more attractive.

  • I do not have a GH1 to test but the version 1 that we made had the top hotshoe adapter and after revising it, we found the 2 rubber strips and 4 rubber feet, that are all inserts into the baseplate, work better. There is no twist at all with a follow focus. It is very stable with a total of 7 contact points at the base. Screw, 2 strips, 4 feet pads. Taking out the hotshoe mount we also made the cage 5mm shorter. I hope that settles your questions.

  • kavadni , I understand re the riser, but there are a lot of ways to make this work and a lot of risers out there that will work im sure. I have one of my kits setup with a riser I bought from ebay and the lamparte follow focus. It works very well. The rewo cage does include a riser but it seems unavailable and more expensive. I made it as a project and am not looking to make a large quantity or redevelop it. It has many holes to make all sorts of attachments so Im very happy with it as im sure the 2 people who will end up with these cages will as well.

  • How much does the cage weigh?

  • Would Varavon GH2 loupe work with this cage ?