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remote shutter jjc tm for gh2 problem
  • Hi, I have a problem with my jjc tm series for gh2. When I plug in my remote I have an info "do not forget to turn on the remote MICROPHONE" Has any one same problem?

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  • Yes, I got my JJC JM-D today, and at first I had exactly the same symptom.

    Strangely, the connection cable does not indicate a preferred direction, neither does the tiny manual tell about it - but there is one: You have to put the 4 contact plug into the camera, and the 3 contact plug into the remote control receiver. If you do so, the "microphone message" won't appear.

    Also, it seems that you have to press the plug into the camera pretty "deep" (with considerable strength), otherwise it does not seem to get contact.

    For me, the remote works now.

  • What happens when the message goes away, does the remote work?

  • When the message goes away after a few seconds, the GH2 still thinks a micro is plugged in - this is indicated by a small microphone symbol in the upper left corner of the display. In this situation, unless you reverse the cable direction, the remote trigger won't work.

  • That's odd! I have a cheap Amazon remote that works fine.

    I have this one

  • @peternap: The JJC JM-D is sold for 29,- € including 19% VAT, here, and (unlike the remote you linked) works wireless. So I'd say it is pretty cheap... ;-)

    BTW: I wonder what time lapse modes in remote controls are good for as they cannot enable the camera or awake it from sleep mode. Thus, the time for any time lapse recording seems to be limited to the time until the battery runs out :-)

  • Well...they're good for doing time lapse until the battery dies or the power supply runs out or the card fills. My aux battery pack will run it a couple days I suppose. I never do time lapse that long though.

    Your remote runs about $39.00 here. I do have a wireless that I paid about 17.00.. It works too.

    I'd send yours back, it doesn't know if it's a mic or remote,

  • After thinking about why your remotes aren't working...I'll bet they aren't making full contact. That's a problem with some mic adapters in the GH2,

    Trim some of the plastic back so the plug goes in a little deeper.

  • Thanks for reply, I had to change my remote for a new one and now its ok.