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New Macs from WWDC
  • Today was the WWDC conference in SF. New Macs released/announcements.


    Macbook Pro with & w/o Retina Display

    Mac Pro

    OSX Mt. Lion

    Discontinued 17" laptops. No new Imacs (yet).

    I like the new MBP w/Retina. (w/Ivy Bridge) MacPro is a minor update. No USB3/Thunderbolt. Was hoping to see new Imacs.

    Available at:

    645 x 599 - 176K
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  • @pvjames "I like the new MBP w/Retina" +1

    Not so keen on the £1800 price tag!

  • Frankly, the "new" Mac Pro is disappointing. It's like giving a lame horse a fresh grooming before shooting it in the head. I can't see it lasting beyond a year -- they must have some inventory to clear.

  • What do you mean? there are two new Mac Pros. The Old-style ones and the solid state retina ones. The retina one is awesome as a piece of tech but insanely spendy.

  • Most important thing here is screen resolution :-) Generally, Apple had no other way to make some clear to see difference.

  • @B3Guy There is a difference between Mac Pro (towers) and the MacBook Pro (laptop.)

  • That new MBP with retina display looks like an amazing little computer.

  • I'm quite disappointed there is no new iMac since I already saved up for one. Anyone got a clue when these might see a refresh?

  • Desktops are not interesting for Apple.

    Their strategy in last years is simple - keep the margin.

  • @Pechente

    Just make Hackintoch :-)

  • Yeah it's sad to see that less and less people are interested in a desktop computer :/

    I was already thinking about building a hackintosh but I'm always reading that they still aren't stable enough to be used as a reliable production machine and in the end stability is one of the main factors for me to get a Mac. Also, I think that shortly after a refresh the iMac offer quite good value for the money.

  • Yeah it's sad to see that less and less people are interested in a desktop computer :/

    This is not true. Desktops are doing very good. Just PC ones have very thin margins :-) Read - you get top performance for small dollar.

    I was already thinking about building a hackintosh but I'm always reading that they still aren't stable enough to be used as a reliable production machine

    This is very strange statement.

  • More expensive computers probably reflects a marketing strategy. At a time when fewer people are tempted to buy a computer this year, the prestige market may be a safer target.

  • @Pechente: I would wait if you have a machine currently that will keep you a float. New AppleTV, IPhone5, Imacs, MacMini soon. With this announcement, i'm wondering if is should go with a new MBP and wait till Imac is 4K in a couple years since i too was looking for Imac. I'm really happy with MBP and this machine has good power with that new display......hmm. I will guess new Imacs within the next few months.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Are you really saying Apple has no (enough) margin over iMacs/MacPros/MacMinis?

    @ahbleza It's disappointing (and deserving blame) the fact that Apple call them "new", but they're still very capable machines and now they're cheaper.

    IMO we should expect something really new in 2013, like a sort of "Pro-MacMini". Big workstations are gonna die, at least according to Apple, because of (or thanks to) TB, just time is not yet ripe...

  • Any confirmation the 17" being discontinued? OP is the only place I've seen this. Sometimes they wait a couple of months before announcing a 17".

  • My choice all the time is clear, Thinkpad :-) If you plan to use it for editing get one with i7 and NVidia card. Aftert this you can swap HHD and/or RAM if you wish.

    IF you need Thunderbolt and maximum performance for dollar get this

  • @Penchante Apple usually refreshes imacs in August/September for the School year season.

  • @gameb

    As PC. Do Hackintoch is you want and can. I just do not know the reason.

  • This is disappointing. I was naively hoping for a substantial Mac Pro update. I do like Apple design and reliability, but the time to go PC may finally have come. I've already switched to Premiere, so I really have no reason to stay on Mac any longer.

  • David Pogue says his sources say a new Mac Pro desktop is coming. He is well connected. The thing is: Apple is too late. People already moved to Avid/Adobe and now they are also moving to a PC with Windows running on it. The good thing is that Adobe offers the Creative Cloud with both Windows/Mac download so you can always switch back in the future. I think the most lacking aspect are the GPUs, on a PC you can get much better performance for a cheaper price.

    I do love my iMac though and do not see a reason switching personally.

  • @Pechente i'm working with an efi-x solution for years. in professional use (main income) and very reliable ;)

  • @mrmukke Very interesting news. Please let me kown any new about this. When it will be available?

  • Running 5GHz i7 64 gig ram DDR1600 with Nvidia GTX5800 1.5 gig and all OCZ Agility 120 gig SSDs on Lion here with zero crashes or kernel panics - v easy to setup 1/4 price of my numerous studio MacPros and blindingly fast - Pro Tools 9&10 run flawlessly as does FCP 7 / X Logic Premiere etc no problems at all dual booted with Win 7 - takes 15 mins to install on that system - happy to help anyone who is thinking of delving into the Hackintosh world who needs help setting up.

  • @kellar42 Thre's no more the MBP 17" on the Apple Store, you can check by yourself.