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  • Any opinions or experience on the above Manfrotto ? I note that it has a "2 inch built in half ball lock" Could be great for DSLR's.

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  • I got this one, pretty satisfied for now, suitable for lightweight DSLR configuration ( GH2+H4n for me). I'll receive my rig in a few weeks so I don't know how does the head will work with the extra weight.

    One thing to notice : panning is VERY hard the first time, just rotate the head 200/300 times and it will be smooth.

  • You probably don't want anything WORSE than this head. It's not the greatest but not the worst.

  • Have it too, happy with it in configuration with the GH2 pans smooth, used it with a heavier camera (sony hdr-ax2000e) about 2,5Kg and could not pan well to heavy. Recently I bought the 561BHDV-1 mono pod that have the same plate and the same head that is a very interesting product to shoot when you are around, could make cool movements no need to adjust the legs for the balance..

  • @brianluce +1 :-) I think it´s one of the best price performance heads for DSLR, however I never tried the new China stuff...

  • I have it. It's fine -- use it on my second tripod (satchler cine dslr is my main tripod). Kinda wish I got the 501 instead of the 701 as the 701 doesn't handle a lot of weight well.

  • it is okay if you use it with a light set up. If you have to impress your clients with a cage, a monitor, mic, viewfinder and so on you better go for a more solid head. I have one as second head. I use it on the monopod, on the slider and if I go with a small equipment on a carbon tripod. It's cheap so it's worth the money definitly but it's not a professional head.

  • Thanks guys, good feedback.

  • I agree here with the crowd. Ideally it's a acceptable/decent head for the B cam.

  • @brianluce @paceonearth What head do you suggest for smoother tilts and pans?

  • @Kihlian Not many tripod heads are well suited for GH2's -- GH2 is just so dang light. I think Vitaliy has a link for a modded Weifeng that looks good. The new DSLR Sachtler should be good and of course, Vintin Blue. I use this which is kinda crude but works much better than a 701.

  • @brianluce

    Thanks. Make smooth movements with the 701 is a challenge that always bring me to sweat.

  • @Kihlian I have a Manfrotto 504HD for the A Cam. I bought it in a bundle with the 546B and after 6 months I am quite satisfied with it. It works also for smooth panning with light weight cameras as GH2 or 5D. It's solid enough for my Kessler Crane lite 8.0 too. I know the Sachtler guys turn up their nose at Manfrotto but I was surprised about the quality and did not have a budget for a big Sachtler which could support the lite crane. My suggestion No1 for smoother tilt pan is practice. Go and shoot ;)

  • I used 504 also and liked it too. Nice head I thought, one caveat is that the GH2 had a huge 35mm vintage angeniux movie lens on it.

  • then I would consider the 504HD if I buy a new head. It should also support my Igus slider. One question in the 504HD also fits the plate of the 701HD? The one is 501pl the other 501PLONG. However I pan very rarely.. Prefer the 561BHDV-1 mono pod faster spirit level; perfect with a lightweight like the GH2, could also make more interesting movements, although needs more practice..