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Roland hardware synths
  • Here we'll be collecting information about Roland hardware synths.

    JUPITER-50 is equipped with a sound engine that's the sonic equal of its big brother JUPITER-80, containing most of the SuperNATURAL acoustic and synthesizer tones found in the JUPITER-80.

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  • A good source for some nice synth demos is:

    In case you're interested the guy also demo's some nice soviet synths like polivoks and aelita.

  • @luax

    They are old. And this is demo of analog synths (or analog emulation synths).

  • For the soviet ones it's definitely the case, but they are analog for sure and have some nice sonic characteristics. The channel does offers also demo's newer synths too. Reason that I like this guys channel is because he pays attention to the sound recording and actually knows how to play some tunes. But If you just interested in the latest synth state of the art technology it might not be the place to go.

  • C&P demos from Katsunori Ujiie from INTEGRA topic