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ADR Recommendations
  • I have tried hard to get usable sound for my film, but all my attempts have failed. Since I have spent so much time trying to clean up my audio, I will now give up and try ADR.

    EDIT:- I found an option for using my ipod for ADR Looping.


    What do people use for ADR Looping ? And for syncing it later.

    I have heard mention of SynchroArts Vocalign Project. Apparently it modifies the audio to match the one you have recorded. And Sony Vegas, Adobe Audition for looping.

    Specialized software are ADRStudio, VoiceQ ADR, Dialog ADR Any freeware options ?

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  • Get it as tight as you can before even considering software, and try and never ADR :) your audio will appear more "real" if people would actually shell out at the shooting stage for a decent sound recordist - the mixer is happier - talent is happier (no ADR !) and the end result will play much better - it's much much cheaper to not scrimp from the get go - it won't be better in post. If you really really have to - go through the edit marking the timecodes of each cue - and the most common method is to add 3 audio beeps before the first line or sa streamer creating wipes on screen - some talent prefer one or the other (or both) (mainly they'd rather it was recorded correctly in the first place!) Your main obstacle is to make sure you're recording in a large enough room to avoid any acoustic artifacts and being able to match the mic choice and position as it originally was (pole - which mic, personal mic? etc) and the perspective for each shot - it's tricky to get right enough for it to match in the mix.

    Oh and try and not ADR ;p

    3 beep

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