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If you had to choose one tool for smooth camera movement
  • what is your go to tool for smooth camera movement (other than tripod), i know we have many choices (slider,dolly,spider dolly,jib,steadycam) ,what do you guys find your self using the most (with best result)..i just made a diy spider dolly , i love how easy to set it up, but it need a flat surface ..
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  • Personally, I'm loving the small table dolly that was on offer a few weeks ago in Catchit. Smooth, small and easy to throw in the bag. I'm working on some ideas for using rails to create a quick portable flat surface but nothing has really been light and portable yet. Kevin

  • I got the wondlan carbon fiber stabilizer and it works great for me plus I can also use it as a monopod. Easy to carry.

  • I buy a slider a wile ago and never used it. The one I use most is my monopod with fluid head, fast to set up, could make some interesting movements.

  • If I HAD to chose it'd be dolly/slider, it's the most versatile for most of the shots you'd be filming (talking scenes, etc). Steadicams are great but require a scene that involves a lot of movement. That doesn't happen ALL the time. I think jibs offer the most dynamic range of movements but they are very large and don't always fit in interior spaces so are limited in that regard. They also don't really work narratively other than establishing shots and by that I mean they add a lot of production value when used but are very rarely "necessary" to tell a story. My opinion comes from actually using all these devices.

  • I still find my self using the spider dolly more and more than anything else, i tried using a steadycam, but im shooting with an iscorama36 and a taking lens most of the time, and its now a heavy setup,my steadycam wont support that much weight .

  • @KevinTrauwick

    +1 on the table dolly, That was a great deal

  • 4 ft jib arm, is a great tool

  • Self made low-mode steadycam for Kids/Baby hunting :-)

  • +1 for dolly (around 3 feet)

  • Best results? Motion control.

  • Either monopod with no head or Polaroid gunstock mount.

  • It depends on what you are shooting. For me...

    1) Slider (For Video) 2) Glidecam/SteadyCam type of stabilizer 3) Motorized Slider (Bigger) with Software. (For TL) 4) Jib

    I'm still not sure which Slider to buy. Do you think that there should be 2 sliders to buy? One for video and another for TimeLapse?

  • Sachtler 7+7 panorama head. I've had one since 1987 and it is smoother than a baby's bottom.

  • My $16 rig offers me the smoothest movement I could ever wish for.