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Adobe Cloud Subscription
  • Wasn't sure to add this on the CS6 topic but i wanted to ask your opinions on the new paradigm Adobe will have everyone subscribing to with their Cloud Service. Of what i see, there are pros/cons. It depends on your situation and how deeply you use the Suite. This is something Adobe will eventually have ALL join but right now you have the option to either own CS6 or subscribe. May not be the case for CS6.5 or CS7. What do you think?

    edit: extra info- If you subscribe using the Creative Cloud Membership option, the computer needs to connect to the Internet once per month to check its license. If you don't have a connection when it tries to check, the software won't stop working for quite a long time; it just needs a connection once per month.

    If you instead use the perpetual license option (i.e., the usual, "old" way), not Creative Cloud Membership, then the computer never needs to be connected to the Internet; you just have to enter an activation code that you can get using any Internet-connected device (like your smartphone or another computer).

    There's a Creative Cloud FAQ list here:

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  • It makes a lot of sense for businesses, and maybe individuals too. Where I work, we get a lot of different scale projects and sometimes bring in freelancers and contractors to ramp up for larger projects. It will be nice to be able to quickly add a couple seats of CS6 to our department without having to get another full purchase of the suite approved every time.

  • I think the team option that they've announced, but not really detailed yet may be a good option for teams (depending on how many seats that subscription plan allows), but I otherwise see the cloud subscription plan as a "mandatory upgrade" plan.

    I generally skip at least 1 full version of any software, and haven't upgraded since CS3. It may not be desirable for the software developer, but for the user, there's really no rationale to upgrade if the newer version doesn't have any features that benefit me.

    On top of the that, if you ever stop subscribing, you also won't be able to use any of the software any longer, even if you've been a subscriber for 3+ years and paid $2000+. I paid once for CS3 and I can use it for as long as I want.

  • Customers of Adobe outside the USA are used to paying inflated prices for "localised" products. However, this becomes harder to justify when no physical product is shipped or when there is no local support for the product.

    The Creative Cloud subscription costs 50% more in the UK than in the USA. IMHO this is blatant exploitation. God Bless America and let the rest of the world pay for its upkeep.

  • I am likely wrong, but this subscription service sounds like having shareware permanently installed on one's computer, that can be unlocked for a bit by paying a fee. Of course, I say shareware because once inactive (for lack of payment) it would stay dormant on the user's computer to avoid re-downloading X or Y package when is needed once again.

    <tinfoil hat>I agree with Jive, this business model makes perfect sense for the vendor to generate a lot more income for themselves (think about leasing a new car VS buying an older vehicle). And of course, the perceived benefits and wonders of this model are but carefully crafted lies by the vendor so that we think this is all done on the consumer's best interests.</tinfoil hat>

  • I have mixed feelings on it. On the one hand, I like owning my software. On the other, when you do the math, you end up saving a little bit, based on a 3-year upgrade path and paying for the one-year 50/month plan.

    If you just want to own Premiere or just After Effects, then it seems to make more sense to purchase the software. But purchasing both would cost close to paying for the suite at 3-years, 50/month, I think.

    I am concerned that you would require an internet connection to run the software. And also concerned about any tracking info.

    I don't like that you can't run simultaneous copies of it on your laptop and main computer (you are allowed 2 installs based on the license). That was always true of FCP inside a network, but you could always run it on your laptop at home while rendering at the office. This would limit you if it was pinging Adobe for a request to operate.

    I'm also concerned about what happens when internet goes down and you have an issue running the software or if something screws up on Adobe's end which causes your license to stop working by mistake or bug.

  • @5thwall, from what I understand the online license check only occurs once per month - so if you're away from the internet for a while you can still run the CS6 apps without a connection.

  • @oedipax good to know. but what happens when that once a month occurs when internet is down?

  • @5thwall, hopefully it has a way of doing a check whenever it detects internet - not as a mandatory pass/fail check, but just to keep pushing the 30 day window back. So you would always be a month out from needing to renew the lease from whenever you last had internet. In theory, just speculating.

  • @oedipax that makes sense. let's hope!

  • I'm going to Adobe today. If you have any Q's on this, i'll try to ask and get some answers.

  • Btw, such licensing approach could quickly lead to death of specialized applications.
    As it leads to preference of all-in-one editor, all with grading and such.

    It is absolutely clear that we see drop in color grading applications sales (one of the jokes is that BM made camera to sell the DaVinci).

  • @V: I don't think this is a good idea either. I'm mainly looking at it as a sole proprietor/indie developer. It may be even more complicated if you have a bigger company. I didn't have a good feeling after the meeting. If you already have CS3 or above, its 29.99 intro rate for year. The regular rate is $49.99/1yr commitment. Regular month to month is $74.99. There were scenarios that weren't clearly answered. Say you want to join. So its 24.99/mo for a year. Then let's say you want to quit. Then 6 months later, you want to rejoin. What was mentioned was a rolling-over thing. It wasn't so clear-cut. So, if anyone is considering this, make sure you ask Q's and think about any situations that may come up for you before committing. Sounds too AT&T/Comcast and renting. Don't think there are any issues with permanent license but i'm only impressed with AE with this upgrade.

  • @pvjames


    Current Creative Suite users - $29.99/month for the first year on Adobe Creative Cloud. Offer available to all registered users with CS3 or later

  • I just order this and went live this morning. I was able to get Education discount because I work at a school. They charge you tax so it was $33 a month. All in all, so far so good. Heck, buying Premiere and AE alone would cost more than the full yearly subscription.

    If you can get the student/teacher pricing, go for it. Most people have a friend or relative that's a student or teacher, you can use your own email to set it up, you just have to know their school info and have a ID or pay stub you can scan and upload.

    So far so good, but I haven't used Adobe Premiere for 5 years since I stopped getting it "free", and bought Sony Vegas Studio(best I could afford at the time), so I'm learning from scratch. $33 a month to use every Adobe product is a good deal, though only catch is if you cancel you get charged half the year fee.

  • i believe the $29.99/month deal is offered till the Aug 31st if you haven't decided to do it. You get it for 1 year at that rate but sign up by 08.31